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You can get the full list of courses offered at our university by department/major in any degree level including MA/PhD courses here.


If you are a graduate student, please refer to the information below:


MA Courses offered in our Graduate school and Graduate school of International and Area Studies are basically open to MA exchange students who have applied for our exchange program through our graduate school office.


However, BA students in their senior year who meet language requirements are also allowed to register for our MA courses and the confirmation for the course enrollment will be decided by each professor after evaluation in class.


If you are an undergraduate student (senior year) and want to take some MA courses related to your current major, please attend your desired courses with the course registration permission form to make consultation with professors and get signature on it.


The permission form will be available to download from our bulletin board each semester or distributed to you during the welcoming orientation. Search for Graduate School or Graduate School of International and Area Studies to get the full list of MA courses. Course Finder (New Window)