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 Eligibility & Academic Requirements





Academic Requirements


An applicant with non-Korean nationality and both parents also having non-Korean nationality

Completed primary and secondary schools(or will complete before admission) either in or outside Korea

Transfer Sophomore

(+Freshman academic requirements)

2 or 3-year college graduate

At least 1-year of enrollment at a 4-year university

Junior college degree

Successfully completed at least 1/4 of the curriculum of a 4-year university

Transfer Junior

(+Freshman academic requirements)

2 or 3-year college graduate

At least 2-year of enrollment at a 4-year university

Junior college degree

Successfully completed at least 1/2 of the curriculum of a 4-year university


-A Korean applicant with dual nationality cannot apply as an international student.

-Nationality eligibility is according to the date of application.

-If you graduate from a regular education course that offers such programs as cyber learning, home-schooling and language education in a foreign country, and you meet the total period of study, you are eligible. However, eligibility is contingent upon recognition from the Department of National Education.

-Both biological parents and/or current legal guardians must not have Korean nationality.

-An applicant with Taiwanese nationality and only one parent with Taiwanese nationality can still apply as an international student by 2019 admission.


-If the university confirms that the applicant's nationality is ineligible, the admission application is disqualified and acceptance rescinded.


 Language Proficiency Requirement





Language Proficiency Requirements

Korean Track

All colleges and departments except English Track A and B

First-year Students: TOPIK level 3 or above HUFS Korean regular Course - Level 4

Transfer Students: TOPIK level 4 or above HUFS Korean regular Course- Level 4

English Track A

(100% English lectures)

International Studies(Seoul Campus)


TOEFL IBT 80 or above

IELTS 5.5 or above


English Track B

(50% or more of English lectures)

College of English(Seoul Campus)

College of Business(Seoul Campus)

International Economics and Law(Seoul Campus)

Division of International Sports and Leisures(Global Campus)

Meet one of the two requirements listed above (Korean or English)

-Language requirement documents must be valid at the date of application.
-Freshmen entering the school without TOPIK level 4 are required to take 14 credits in the 1st semester special program (Korean language and Korean culture and social education classes). There would be difference between campus on curriculum content and accreditation credits.
-Those who have not submitted an official language proficiency score or do not meet the minimum requirements (TOPIK level 3 or TOEFL 80) must take a language interview, and the students who have passed our language test and successfully gained admission to HUFS are required to submit an official language scores within one year of the start of their degree programs. Students who fail to submit their official language scores within one year will have course registration restrictions from 2nd year.




Course registration restrictions


level 4 or above

80 or above

No restrictions

From 3rd semester

level 3 or less

80 or less

Max. 12 credits per semester

-English Track A : Applicants whose native language is English or who have completed at least two years of full-time academic study in an English-speaking country do not need to submit English proficiency scores. However, if non-native speaking applications have been residing outside of an English speaking country for more than two years, since earning their degrees, will be required to submit TOEFL scores.

-For the applicants for the International Studies, TOPIK level 4 is a must for graduation.