General Guides







Nationality & Academic Requirements 






- Must have graduated from high school or will graduate from enrolling.

- Completed primary and secondary schools either in or outside Korea.




- Dual citizen, inlcuding Korean, students are not considered as International Students.

Transfer applicants should satisfy all qualifications for Freshman admission.







Language Requirements



Korean Track – TOPIK level 3 or higher

English Track – TOEFL 80 of higher

- All Majors (Except English Track Majors)


- Obtain TOPIK Level 3 or higher

Level 3+ for Freshman Applicants

Level 4+ for Transfer Applicants


- Complete Level 4 or higher at Center for Korean Language and Culture, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.


All applicants admitted to undergraduate courses with TOPIK score of level 3 Certificate of completion of Level 4 or higher at the center for Korean Language and Culture, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies must pass TOPIK level 4 within a year after admission.

- International Studies, College of Business, College of English, Dept. of International Economics & Law (Seoul Campus)


Korean Studies, International Sports & Leisure (Global Campus)


- TOEFL IBT 80 (CBT 213, PBT 550) or above

  IELTS 5.5 or above


- Students who apply to International Studies Division

- Students who apply to college of Global Business, College of English and Dept. of international Trade & Law, International Sports and Leisure without any TOPIK score


Those who have not submitted the official language proficiency score should take a language test. This test serves to evaluate the applicants' level of language proficiency and will take place on the same day as the personal interview.