General Guides







Registration account: Virtual account written in individual invoice

Amount of tuition: Amount indicated on the invoice (In the cases of overseas remittance, please consider the overseas remittance fee)



A student should apply for D-2 visa in Korean embassy in the country directly (certificate of     admission and business registration will be send individually).

D-4 visa holder should apply for change of qualification as a D-2 visa.

Inquiries: E-mail: intluga@hufs.ac.kr Tel: +82-2-2173-2065~6/2090


  Health insurance


After admission to HUFS, every student is REQUIRED to have personal health insurance.

If a student have an insurance that guarantees medical benefits in case of illness or injury

     in Korea submit the copy of insurance certificate.

If a student would like to enroll insurance through the OISS, contact us.

Inquiries: E-mail: globalhufs@gmail.com Tel: +82-2-2173-2066/2090




For freshmen, HUFS offers dormitory reservation. Students who apply for dorm must submit medical certificate of tuberculosis

Inquiries: E-mail: wonilki85@hufs.ac.kr   Tel: +82-2-2173-2065/2090

Dorm fee: Visit the dormitory administration team within one week after check-in the dorm




At the first semester, students cannot take a leave of absence under the university policy.

After the announcement, successful applicants will be informed more detail.