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Next Steps for Admitted Studentsdd



Congratulations on your admission to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies!


We are looking forward to welcoming you  to campus. As an admitted student, there are several steps you need to complete to prepare for registration and enrollment at HUFS. 




Obtain a D-2 Visa / Change your D-4 Visa to a D-2


We will promptly issue a certificate of admission to all international students who need to apply for their student (D-2) visas . If students are residing outside of Korea, they need to contact the closest embassy or consulate general of the Republic of Korea. Students studying in Korea while carrying a D-4 (Korean Language) visa, must change their D-4 visas to D-2 visas before ther undergraduate program officially starts.


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Submit Apostille Certificates for final transcript or Diploma 


Apostille or Embassy Certificates for diplomas and high school/college/university academic transcripts are required of all international students who have successfully gained admission to HUFS. They must be submitted to HUFS before the day of enrollment as we must have these official documents on file to confirm admission statuses.


The offer of admission will be rescinded for international students who do not submit their official diplomas or transcripts verifying high school graduation before the deadline. 


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Submit a Certificate of Insurance


We encourage all international students to maintain adequate health insurance coverage and they are required to enroll in our university's insurance plan according to our university's regulation. 


Students may request an insurance waiver if they are covered by Korean National Health Insurance or an alternative insurance policy. A waiver will be granted and the insurance charge will be removed if their private insurance holder can meet the basic requirements of the HUFS Insurance plan and/or if a certificate of Korean National Health Insurance is submitted during the welcoming orientation. Please note that travel insurance is not accepted for waivers.   


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Get HUFS Student ID and Access University Informational System


Admitted students can find their HUFS student ID number as follows:

A. Go to our website's notice board.

B. Log in using your online application ID and password (Your date of birth / YYMMDD)

C. Access our university information system to change your password if necessary

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※ Announcements and access to our system will be available Mid February for students starting spring semester and Mid August for fall semester.  




Apply for Campus Housing and Submit Medical Examination Form


Accommodation on campus is available in our on campus dorm. International students will have priority over domestic students who live locally. However we cannot guarantee housing to all international students due to the limited capacity.   


Application Periods (For newly admitted international students)

Students starting Spring Semester:  Mid January - Early February (2~3 weeks)

Students starting Fall Semester:       Early June (2 weeks) 


Newly admitted international students will be notified of our dorm application procedures through our website when a final admission decision notification is made. Dorm application form can be downloaded online.


Please find more information about our dormitory from the following websites

Globeedorm Seoul Campus:

HUFSdorm Global Campus:


Please note that international students who wish to live in our dorm must complete the medical examination form and submit it to our dorm office at the time of check-in.


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Attend the New Student Orientations for International Students


New international students are encouraged to attend the orientation sessions prepared by their academic respective departments and the Office of International Student Services (OISS). These orientation sessions will assist them into making a successful transition into becoming HUFS students. 


A. Department Orientations

    - Schedule: During February for Spring semester (to be posted on our notice board)

    - Faculty Meeting, Academic Info, Course Registration 


B. OISS Orientation (Friday before the start of the semester) 


    Please check out our updated bulletin board for further details (Announcements >> Prospective Students)

    - Immigration policies, Scholarship Info, School Life, many other support services

    - International students will bring the items/documents listed below with them to orientation

      1) Photo (passport-type)

      2) Passport and Alien Registration Card (if applicable)

      3) Certificate of Korean Exit/Entry Record

      4) A copy of insurance for HUFS insurance waiver (if applicable)