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Required Application Forms & Documentsdddd




Forms available after completion of online application from the application website(uway) 

  1. Application Checklist

  2. Application Form (Form 1)

  3. Transfer College Report - Transfer Applicants only (Form 4)

  4. Financial Certification (Form 5)

  5. Agreement for Verification of Academic Records (Form 6)

      -> If you complete online application, these forms will be automatically generated by the system.


Forms available at our website(international.hufs.ac.kr). Applicants need to download and submit

  6. Personal statement and study plan (Form 2)

     -> If you apply for both a first- and second choice majors, you need to submit 2 personal statement and study plans. 


Other Original Documents/Certified Copies

   7. Official High School Transcript and (Expected) Graduation Certificate 

   -> Notarized either in Korean or English / Freshman & Transfer applicants

   8. Official Transcript of academic records, and Certificate of Current Enrollment in a university or

       College Diploma

   -> Notarized either in Korean or English / Transfer applicants Only

   9. Copy of the applicant's passport
  10. Copies of both parents' passports (or official documents indicating parents' nationality) 

  11. Official document indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant and his/her parents 
  12. Official Certificate of Proficiency in Korean Language

   * TOPIK level 3 or higher for Freshman applicants, level 4 or higher for Transfer applicants






  1. A copy of the applicant’s Alien Registration Card

      * Current foreign residents in Korea only

  2. Official Certificate of proficiency in English

     * TOEFL iBT 80 or IELTS 5.5 above

     * Applicants for International Studies must submit this certificate

        Those who apply to College of Global Business, College of English and Dept. of International Economics & Law,

        Korean Studies and International Sports & Leisure without any TOPIK score must submit it
  3. University Admission Exam Results (e.g. Chinese students - Gao Kao, US students - SAT, etc.) 

  4. Letter of Recommendation from a previous or current academic professor or teacher(Form 3)

      (Letters  in a sealed envelope will only be received)

  5. Others (record of awards, certificate of qualification, document relating academic proficiency etc.)

  6. Proof of Application Fee Payment Deposit (Only for students applying offline)



* Apostille certificates or Embassy Certificates for diploma, transcript of academic records for high school and university/college for all international students who have successfully gained admission to HUFS must be submitted to the office of International Student Services before the day of enrollment.


File Download

For international students who wish to apply online through uwayapply.com

 Please note that you are required to download and print some required admission forms to complete application

as you will not be able to complete them electronically.



Documents for download: Form 3 (Letter of Recommendation)



For international students who cannot apply online

 To process applications quickly and efficiently, we recommend students apply online. However, we may accept paper applications from students in exceptional cases where it is not possible for them to apply online. 

If you have technical difficulties regarding our online application and wish to go for paper application, please contact us via Tel (82-2-2173-2065


Documents for download: All Admission forms listed below