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Overseas Koreans Foundation Scholarship Program


The Overseas Koreans Foundation sponsors overseas Korean students to continue their studies at universities in Korea. About 40 to 50 recipients are selected each year. The scholarship covers the cost of airfare, living expenses, tuition fees, language training expenses and medical insurance. The scholarship is awarded for Bachelor's, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees. dd
 For more information about the scholarship, pleace contact:

Overseas Koreans Foundation dd

Tel: +82-2-3415-0174/0175 / Fax: +82-2-3415-0118

E-mail: scholarship@okf.or.kr  / Website: http://scholarship.korean.net



Available Fields
- Undergraduate course: 4-year courses at designated universities
University transferring is not allowed. (e.g. Starting studies at the junior year is not allowed.)

- Graduate course: Master's Ph.D. courses at general graduate schools of Korean universities
※ Majors @HUFS open to OKF Scholarship students
- All undergraduate majors other than "international studies" and "college of education"
- Graduate school (http://www.hufs.ac.kr/gra)


Scholarship Benefit
- Airfare (Roundtrip)
- Tuition fees for all courses
- A Monthly allowance of KRW 900,000
- Settlement allowance 
- Medical insurance



 Annual OKF scholarship admssion quotas for Hankuk University of Foreign Studies 
- Undergraduate Program: 20
- Graduate Program: 5



Application Procedures & Application Form Download
Download relevant forms and check information about application procedures from the program website below;
● Overseas Korean Foundation http://scholarship.korean.net 



Ms. Lee Hye Young
Email. hylee@hufs.ac.kr / Tel. 82-2-2173-2066