Graduate school of business

Graduate school of business The HUFS Graduate School of Business was newly launched in March 2006 by integrating the Graduate School of Global Business and the Graduate School of Management and Information Science. The MBA Day Program focuses on improving business management knowledge, strategic perspectives and organizational abilities, key qualities of business executives. It introduced advanced courses to cultivate professional manpower and created Korea’s first Department of Marketing. Young and competent faculty are presenting a new curriculum in marketing. On the other hand, the MBA Evening Program focuses on upgrading business management knowledge, and building the strategic perspectives and organizational abilities required by top management and CEOs. It offers a traditional MBA course to provide a stepping stone for realizing one’s dream of becoming a global leader. In addition, the MBA On-line Program offers talented manpower and top management working in various parts of society with the opportunity to acquire in-depth academic research and advanced business management techniques without constraints in terms of time and place.

1. Faculty

Management Information Systems

Kim, Byung Cho, Ph. D.(Purdue Univ.)MIS
Kim Jeong Tae, Ph.D. (Louisiana State Univ.)MIS/Production
Kwon, Tae Hyung, Ph.D.(Univ. of North Carolina)MIS
Moon, Yoo Jin, Ph. D.(Seoul National Univ.)Artificial Intelligence
Lee, Young Hwan, Ph. D. (St. Univ. of New York at Albany)System Analysis
Lee, John Hearn, Ph. D. (Illinois Institute of Technology)SW Engineering System Development
Chung, Yoon, Ph. D.(Univ. of South Carolina at Columbia)MIS, Database
Chung, In Keun, Ph. D. (Univ. of Minnesota)MIS
Joh, Iel Heum, Ph. D. (Washington Univ.)OR
Cho, June Suh, Ph. D.(Rutgers the State Univ. of New Jersey)Computer Information Systems

International Management

Ra, Won Chan, Ph. D.(Rutgers Univ.)International Business
Won, Chong,Keun, Ph. D.(Korea Univ.)International Business
Ha, Young Myung, MBA. (Univ. of California at Berkeley)International Management
Hyun, Jae Hoon, Ph. D. (University of Shefield)International Business Administration


Kahn, Hyung Sik, Ph. D.(Syracuse Univ.)Marketing
Park, Jihye, Ph. D. (Ohio State Univ.)Fashion Marketing
Jun, Won Jae, Ph. D. (Univ. Grenoble II)Marketing
Jun, Jong-Kun, Ph. D. (Seoul National Univ.)Marketing
Cha, Tai Hoon, Ph. D.(Syracuse Univ.)Marketing
Chae, Myung Su, Ph. D. (Univ. of Alabama)Marketing

Production Management

Shin, Hyon Kil, Ph. D. (Univ. of Texas) E-Business & SCM
Lee, Myoung Ho, Ph. D. (Georgia Institute of Technology)Operations, Management Science
Lee, Yun Bae, Ph. D.(Univ. of Indiana)Management Science


Kwun Seog Kyeun, Ph. D. University of MinnesotaOrganization, Strategy, HRM
Kim, Joongwha, Ph. D. (Univ. of Nebraska at Lincoln)Strategy, Organization
Song, Il, Ph. D. (Kansai Univ.)International Business Strategy
Cho, Nam Shin, Ph. D. (Univ. of Pennsylvania)Organization, Strategy


Kang, Hyo Suk Ph. D. (Ohio State Univ.) Finance Management
Kim, Seong Jae, Ph. D. (Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison)Finance, Insurance
Park, Jin Woo, Ph. D. (Univ. of Iowa)Finance
Baek, Jae Seung, Ph. D. (Korea Univ.)Finance
Lee, Jong Wook, Doctoral Candidate (Univ. of Pennsylvania)Insurance
Kim, Sol, Ph. D. (KAIST)Management Engineering


Ko, Wan Suk, Ph. D.(Ohio State Univ.)Accounting
Kim, Moon Hyun, Ph. D. (Seoul National Univ.)Accounting
Nam, Gi Seok, Ph. D. (Hitotsubashi University)Accounting
Park Suk Koo, Doctoral Candidate (Univ. of New York State)Accounting
Cho, Chang Youn, Ph.D. (Univ. of Florida)Accounting

2. The Master's Programs Business Administration(Human Resources and Organization, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, Production Management, International Management, Management Information Systems) Marketing, International Finance

3. Admission Eligibility Applicants should have a Bachelor's degree, or should be recognized by the Ministry of Education as having the equivalent qualifications

Admission Timetable

To be announced via web site:(http://biz.hufs.ac.kr)

Admission Requirements

Written tests on the major subjects and foreign language(s) or Oral test (or interview)

4. Requirements for the Master’s Degree are as follows A minimum of 28 credit hours as advised by program supervisor with the minimum grade point average of 3.00 out of the maximum of 4.50 points.

- Two years(four semesters) of residence.

- A qualifying examination in 2 selected fields.

- Proficiency test in the foreign language

- A thesis written under the supervision of an advisory professor in the department

- The oral defense of the thesis conducted under a committee of 3 professors.

5. Global Advanced Management Program The Global Advanced Management Program is aimed to educate high level executives of various organizations. Responding to today's rapidly changing business environment, the Program brings forth a new level of management education for tomorrow's leaders in global competitive settings.

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