Graduate school of politics, government and communication

Graduate school of politics, government and communication The Graduate School of Politics, Government and Communication was developed in March 1993 to cultivate talented human resources with leadership and creativity by conducting research and educating them on theories and practices in public policy, diplomacy & national security, journalism and advertising, which are major areas of advanced social sciences. Stressing working knowledge on policy science, the GSPGC operates as a five-semester course and holds classes in the evenings. As of July 2007, it had awarded a total of 382 master’s degrees: 191 master’s degrees in politics, 182 master’s degrees in public administration and 9 in journalism. The curriculum targets high-ranking policy-makers involved in various fields of public service, including officials of all ranks, lawmakers, local council members, journalists and broadcasters. The school’s goal is to cultivate high-caliber professionals with the far-reaching frame of mind required by the globalized and information-based society of the future

1. Faculty Faculty members of each department at the Graduate School are the same as those of its undergraduate counterpart, unless otherwise listed.

2. The Master's Programs Policy Studies
(Public Policy, Public Administration, International Aviation Administration)/
International Affairs and National Security/ North Korea/
Communication and Information (Journalism, Broadcasting, Advertising and Public Relations)

3. Admission Eligibility Applicants should have a Bachelor's degree, or should be recognized by the Ministry of Education as having the equivalent qualifications

Admission Timetable

To be announced via web site:(http://www.hufs.ac.kr/user/gsps)

Admission Requirements

Oral test (or interview) on the major subjects

4. Requirements for the Master's Degree are as follows

- A minimum of 24 credit hours as advised by program supervisor with the minimum grade point average of 3.00out of the maximum of 4.50 points.

※ Those submitting a graduation research thesis in lieu of a dissertation must have completed at least 28 credit hours.

- Offline program: 5 semesters of evening classes
Online program: Two years (four semesters) of residence

- A qualifying examination in 3 selected fields.

- Proficiency test in foreign language
In the case of online master's program in Public Administration (MPA), students who completed a minimum of 30units and earned a minimum average grade of B may be exempted from the qualifying examination and proficiency test in foreign language.

- A thesis written under the supervision of an advisory professor in the department

a. Dissertation: Starting from the fourth semester (third semester for online MPA program), students are to writea thesis under the supervision of an advisory professor over a minimum of two semesters.

b. Graduation research report: Students are required to write a research paper under the supervision of anadvisory professor for a minimum of one semester from the fifth semester (fourth semester for online MPA program) and submit the report, which must then be accepsted.

- The oral defense of the thesis conducted under a committee of 3 professors.(Two professors to evaluate a research report)

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