Graduate School of TESOL

Graduate School of TESOL The Graduate School of TESOL at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) is the newest and the most innovative of its kind for training TESOL professionals in the world. The Graduate School consists of two departments, Department of ELT and Department of ELT Contents Development, and is the only training ground based on the combination of ELT (English Language Teaching) and MALL (Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning) curriculum in the world. The faculty members are leading TESOL-MALL professionals who will provide students with a strong theoretical knowledge and professional skills of TESOL-MALL to further develop their careers in on- and off-line ELT and ELT contents development.

1. Faculty Cha, Kyung-Ae, Ph.D. (Univ. of Texas at Austin)TESOL
Lee, Yoon, Doctor of Education (Korea National University of Education)Primary English Education
Paul C. Alexander, M.Ed.(Univ. of British Columbia)Instructional Technology
Jennifer M. Yi, Ph.D.(University of Pittsburgh)Foreign Language (English) Education
Steven Adoranti, M.Ed.(University of Texas at Austin)Applied Linguistics

2. The Master's Programs English Language Teaching (ELT)
ELT Contents Development (ELTCD)

3. Admission Eligibility Applicants should have a Bachelor's degree, or should be recognized by the Ministry of Education as having the equivalent qualifications

Admissions Timetable

To be announced via web site:(http://www.hufs.ac.kr/gra)

Admission Requirements

Written tests on the major subjects and foreign language(s) or Oral test (or interview)

4. Requirements for the Master's Degree are as follows

- A minimum of 24 credit hours as advised by program supervisor with the minimum grade point average of 3.00 out of the maximum of 4.50 points.

- Two years(four semesters) of residence.

- A qualifying examination in 3 selected fields.

- Proficiency test in the foreign language

- A thesis written under the supervision of an advisory professor in the department

- The oral defense of the thesis conducted under a committee of 3 professors.

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