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제조회사 및 모델명
Varian UnityINOVA WB AS 400 MHz


장비주요 사양
Magnet system
Field strength: 9.4 Tesla (Actively Shielded Magnet)
Bore size: Wide bore (89mm) LHe refill volume: 60 L
LHe refill interval: 183 days minimum
LN2 refill volume: 68 L
LN2 refill interval: 14 days minimum
26 channel shims and shim power supply
5 Gauss line: 1.3M

Spectrometer console
1H/ 19F RF Amplifier channel, 400 MHz, 1000 W
Boreadband RF Amplifer module, 6-220 MHz, 100 W
Variable Temperature Unit
Pulsed Field Gradient Module
Wideband NMR Module, 5MHz 12-bit ADCs
Automated MAS Controller
Rotor Synchronization and Rotor Speed Controller
Z-gradient amplifier unit

4mm T3 HXY wide bore CP/MAS probe
1H {15N31P } indirect detection probe, z-gradient

Sun Blade 150 workstation system
5 HP Air compressor
5 KAV Uninterruptible Power system
Tektronix Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope