College of English

The College of English originated from the Department of English Linguistics, which shares the history of HUFS and is today positioned as a mecca for English education.
Keeping pace with current trends that stress the importance of English, the College of English was reorganized in 2005 to increase the specialization of each area of English language, British and American literature, and interpretation and translation.
The academic base is further deepened and solidified to cultivate global talents with expertise in each field.

Professionals on English-speaking Regions Noted for its long history and tradition as a center of university English education, the Department of English Linguistics focuses on studying advanced knowledge and broadening the understanding of English-speaking regions based on English theory and practice and language proficiency required for academic learning.

Detailed yet Integrated Education The Department of English Literature studies British and American literature and authors and their backgrounds as well as the English required for academic learning. Its aim is to cultivate extensive knowledge on British and American literary history and society.

International Communication Experts Opened to nurture interpretation and translation experts with professional knowledge, the Department of English Interpretation and Translation provides courses on the technical skills and studies of interpretation and translation related to English, a means of global communication, and practical language proficiency.