College of Occidental Languages

The College of Occidental Languages, a pillar in the founding of HUFS, consists of eight foreign languages of western and northern Europe: the Department of French, Department of German, Department of Russian, Department of Spanish, Department of Italian, Department of Portuguese, Department of Dutch and Department of Scandinavian Languages. Marked for its remarkable achievements, including being a haven of Italian studies, a focal point for Russian language and literature studies, and a cradle of Russian regional experts, the College of Occidental Languages contributes to the development of languages and regional studies as well as humanities studies.

Academic Studies Contributing to Social Development Every department in the College of Occidental Languages is highly acclaimed in its relevant field and contributes to the advancement of humanities studies and society. The Department of French at HUFS has the largest number of foreign professors in Korea. Labeled as “a mecca for Russian language and literature studies” and “a cradle of Russian regional experts”, the Department of Russian contributes to the promotion of Korea-Russian relations. The Department of Italian leads the development of Italian studies by continually announcing study results on the literature, linguistics, history, politics, economy and culture of Italy. The Department of German is actively engaged in diverse research and writing activities. The Department of Spanish is reputable for nurturing Latin American specialists. The Department of Scandinavian Languages is conducting in-depth studies on the advanced literature and social systems of five northern European countries. The Department of Portuguese is a center for cultivating specialists on Brazil, Angola and Mozambique, where Portuguese is spoken.