College of Social Sciences

The College of Social Sciences, which consists of the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy, Department of Public Administration, and Journalism and Mass Communication Division, aims to develop creative specialists and leaders for future society based on close inter-departmental relations.
Upholding its basic belief in cultivating the innovative and creative workforce required by a globalized, information-oriented and high-tech society, the College of Social Sciences supports its students to develop practical minds that contribute to the sustainable development of humanity as well as local communities.

Advanced Professional Education The department of Political Science and Diplomacy, a center for developing human resources in political science and diplomacy, leads research and education in the field of regional and international politics in Korean university education. It creates unique competitiveness through a synergy of intensive education in the major field, foreign language education maximized by the special environment of HUFS and the double major program. The Department of Public Administration, a leader in educating public administrators, fosters an attitude that values the common goals of an organization, intellectual faculties enabling cooperation with the administration and public institutions, the ability to coordinate and integrate, leadership skills of an all-around manager and the ability to manage change. These goals distinguish its students from those of other universities.The Journalism and Mass Communication Division produces professionals in journalism and mass media with distinctive knowledge and insight. It consists of the Journalism and Media Studies Major, which trains journalists as well as communication and new media experts adaptive to changing society and media environment; the Advertising and Public Relations Major, which nurtures advertising specialists strong in creative and analytical skills as well as production and planning abilities; and the Television and Film Major, which cultivates digital new media experts skilled in new and diverse content planning, production and analysis.