College of Business and Economics

The College of Business and Economics consists of the Department of International Economics and Law, which originated from the Department of International Trade and is taking root as an independent academic institution to train specialists in international economics and law; and the Economics Division, which is leading education and research in economics in Korea. Providing courses encompassing international area studies on the basis of international economics and law, this college nurtures competent human resources who can present creative alternatives to international economic and legal issues while keeping pace with the 21st century.

Exploring Unique Area of Studies Based on the academic foundation of the Department of Trade, the Department of International Economics and Law produces specialists in international trade, which are in high demand in today’s international community, and is shaping a unique field of studies applicable to the international market.

Highly Reputable in Economics The Department of Economics, a top-rated program in economics, led education and research in the field of economics in Korea based on various academic achievements. It has also produced a great number of talented personnel active in every part of a society.

Dynamic Knowledge Community The Department of Business Administration is a dynamic knowledge community, which is tied together with the passions of its faculty, which leads the business administration community in Korea with its outstanding academic achievements and enthusiastic students. By promoting analytical thinking on business phenomena and integrated decision-making abilities, it develops global business executives who will sustain the development of Korea.