College of Education

The College of Education, which consists of the 40-year-old Department of English Education, Department of French Education, Department of German Education and Department of Korean Education, is focused on cultivating teaching professionals with the knowledge, experience, personality and disposition required of middle and high school teachers. Furthermore, it also exerts efforts to produce regional experts demanded in the globalization era.

Another Path to Communicate with the World Based on its excellent curriculum, the College of Education develops qualified middle and high school teachers in English, French, German and Korean. In particular, the Department of Korean Language offers a major in Korean education as a foreign language, a program for producing teachers who teach Korean language to students from other countries. With Korea’s growing stature in the world, the demand for Korean language teachers who can teach Korean properly and, furthermore, improve understanding of Korea is increasing sharply. Although this program is under the Department of Korean Education, any student can obtain a certificate as a Korean teacher by studying it as a second major.

Nationwide Teaching Contest of English Teachers In an effort to identify outstanding English teachers, the Department of English Education holds the Nationwide Teaching Contest of English Teachers annually. It is a meaningful occasion for incumbent teachers to compare their teaching skills, while students can experience various teaching methods by observing classes.