College of International and Area Studies

The College of Languages and Literature consists of the Department of French, Department of Portuguese (Brazilian), Department of Greek and Balkan Languages, Department of Hindi, Department of Central Asian Languages and Division of African Studies. The curriculum is designed for students to enhance perspectives on overseas areas and sophisticated language skills through classes conducted by native-speaking professors. It also has courses in major fields for students to deepen academic knowledge in the areas of their interest.

Global Leaders in Language and Cultural Content The College of Languages and Literature cultivates human resources that are capable and creative in serving the cause of social justice as a globalized Korean. Its ultimate goal is to develop global leaders with creative intelligence, active and inquiring personality, a reasonable mind, and international perspective on the field of language and cultural content in this high-tech information era. The curriculum nurtures personalities and educates understanding of humanity through languages and literature. It also improves the logical thinking, imagination and creativity of students to help them develop into the kind of qualified professionals required in this era of globalization and localization.