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If you find yourself in need of an in-house interpreter/translator over a predetermined period of time, we can help you to select from our talent pool ideal human resources with peak capabilities in the field or industry. Our professionals are equipped with specialized language skills and ample field experience in due diligence, business consulting, system development and countless other projects. We surpass the expectations of clients with diverse needs drawn from a wide range of areas.
Service Charges for Monthly-Contract Service (Excluding VAT)

Service charge: Service charges for monthly-contract service vary depending upon the work experience of the interpreter or translator and the duration of the project.

Service hours per day: Professional interpreters and translators hired for a project are compensated for eight hours of service (09:00-18:00) per day. Service provided that exceeds the business hours is charged at 150% of the standard rate.

Service Rates (for services provided in Seoul, South Korea)

(Unit: won)

Number of Project Days
(Eight Hours/Day)

Interpreters/Translators with One Year or Less of Experience

Interpreters/Translators with Two to Three Years  of Experience

Interpreters/Translators with Four or More Years of Experience

1 Day

Min. 400,000 won

Min. 500,000 won

Min. 600,000 won

2-5 Days

Min. 350,000 won

Min. 400,000 won

Min. 450,000 won

6-10 Days

Min. 320,000 won

Min. 350,000 won

Min. 400,000 won

11-15 Days

Min. 280,000 won

Min. 320,000 won

Min. 370,000 won

16-20 Days (1 Month)

Min. 250,000 won

Min. 300,000 won

Min. 350,000 won

* If service is to be provided outside of Metropolitan Seoul, accommodation and transportation

  expenses are borne by the customer. Service charges may increase by 10%-30% depending on

  travel distances.

* The above disclosed rates are applicable only when the requested service duration is one month

   or longer.