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Dear International Students 

I would like to extend a warm personal welcome to the international students who choose to further their education at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS). We are very proud of the wide range of academic courses we offer which are attracting increasing numbers of international students from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, New Zealand/Australia and Africa. Our intensive Korean language program is recognized as one of best in Korea, targeting a high proficiency level for those interested in seriously developing their language skills. For international students who are not yet proficient in Korean, a number of both undergraduate and graduate courses are currently taught in English. We also offer language instruction in a total of 43 world languages other than Korean and English.

But beyond our academic offerings, the multi-lingual and specialized staff and student assistants of the International Affairs Team make every effort to facilitate your adaptation to Korean life. In addition to attending to administrative matters such as visa application documentation, enrollment procedures and validation for the courses you take, we provide an orientation program for international students and a drop-in counseling service for personal or inter-cultural issues. With the administrative and financial support of the university, a team of student volunteers organizes a range of activities designed to assist you in your integration into Korean student life (buddy programs, language tutoring, on-campus and off-campus social and cultural activities).

With its large number of international faculty, a high percentage of Korean faculty members who have received degrees from foreign universities, and its ratio of Korean students who have lived or studied overseas and who return to campus speaking a wide variety of foreign languages, HUFS has been designated the most cosmopolitan university campus in Korea. We hope you will join us in the exciting educational endeavor which is international education. We will do our very best to make your stay at HUFS a profitable one for you in terms of both your personal and educational development.

Chong Jin Oh, Ph.D.
Dean of International & External Affairs
Professor, International Division