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Student Exchange Program 


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Hankuk University of Foreign Studies is a premier university for globalized education, where students from around the world actively foster our prevailing international mindset. 


Developed in conjunction with internationally renowned universities and research institutes, HUFS offers extensive opportunities to help students grow to become internationally competitive individuals. The student exchange program at HUFS is designed to develop a global perspective by gaining an appreciation of cultural diversity through immersion in academic and cultural experiences.


The Student Exchange Program is a system in which students of HUFS and overseas sister institutions, based on an agreement of credit and student exchanges, study at  partner institutions for a specific period of time and get their credits accepted by their home institutions. Students remain enrolled at and pay tuition fees to their home institutions. The programs that are undertaken may be credited towards a degree depending on transfer agreements. 


※ Global Student Exchange Consortium and Mobility Programs

      HUFS actively takes part in the Erasmus+ ICM.

     Its recent collaboration partner includes University of the Basque Country in Spain.         



 Current Exchange Partners & Programs


Please click the link to find the list of current exchange partner institutions and programs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GO


※ The list includes only active current exchange partners which send their exchange students to HUFS every semester and the number of participating universities could vary by semester or program. The full list of our partner universities can be found here. 


   If your institution is one of our current partner universities, but you cannot find your university on the list: 

- Students - please inquire with the exchange coordinator at your international office/or relevant department as to when you become eligible to apply for our exchange program

- Coordinators - please contact us via email (exchange@hufs.ac.kr).







You are eligible to be an exchange student if: 

 - your home university has a student exchange agreement with HUFS.

 - your home university is a member of CONASEP (click here for more information).

 - you are nominated by your home university and you can meet the entry requirements. 

As an exchange student, you will remain enrolled at and pay tuition fees to your home university. The programs that you undertake may be credited towards your degree. However, it is your responsibility  to contact your adviser or the exchange coordinator of your home university regarding transfer of credits. 


 Entry Requirements


Students should have completed at least one semester at their home universities by the time of participation in this program. In order to gain admission, students are required to provide evidence of their GPA's at over 2.5 out of 4.0 or grades equivalent to a B average or above.


※ Korean/English Language Proficiency Requirements

Language proficiency requirements have been established to ensure that all students registered in the HUFS undergraduate program are able to adequately participate in and benefit from instructional activities which are mostly provided in Korean and English.


1) Korean Language

    Students whose first language is not Korean and wish to take coursework taught in Korean are required to provide evidence of Korean language proficiency from at least one of the following: 

     a. TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) - Level 3 or higher or KLAT - 150 or higher (B2)

     b. Level 4 or higher certificate from the HUFS Center for Korean Language & Culture
     c. Official transcript proving you have earned at least 15 total credits from Korean language-related courses.


2) English Language

    Students whose first language is not English and want to take coursework taught in English are required to provide evidence of English language proficiency from at least one of the following: 

    a. IELTS - overall band score of at least 6.0
    b. TOEFL/TOEFL ITP -  550 or higher, computer-based 213 or higher, internet-based 80 or higher

    c. TOEIC - 750 or higher

   d. letter from a university professor familiar both with the expected standards of an English-medium university program and with the student's ability to perform in an English-medium academic atmosphere.


※ Students whose native language is Korean or English do not need to submit proof of language proficiency, but only if they plan to take courses taught in their first language.



 Enrollment Information


Exchange students are required to enroll as full-time students, either in HUFS undergraduate/graduate courses or intensive Korean language courses, for the proposed period of study.


1. Undergraduate (16 weeks a semester)

    - Full-time status of undergraduate students will be based on registration of more than 12 credits.
    - Korean students normally take 7-8 classes for 20 credits (maximum) per semester. 


2. Intensive Korean Language (10 weeks a regular term/levels 1-6)

※ Short-term and special courses are not available for exchange students. Students are required to take at least one regular term.


 How/When to Apply


If you have been successfully nominated as an exchange student, you need to contact and apply through the international office at your home university.


   To make an exchange application:


1. Log into our online application system on the menu "Online Application (Exchange)" or click here:

- Your login ID & password will be generated by the student exchange program coordinator at your university

- Please contact your international office to get your i.d. & password, if you have been officially nominated

2. Fill out the online application.

3. Complete your application by sending it (click the send button) and printing it out. 

4. Prepare all required documents and send them (pdf, jpg, png - pictures in a separate file) to the following: 


        ① Signed application form
        ② 1 brief essay (personal history and study plan) 
        ③ 1 copy of your academic transcript
        ④ 1 certificate of current enrollment at your home university (institution) 
        ⑤ 2 photos (3 x 4 cm) with a white 
color background   

        ⑥ 1 copy of the information page of your passport  (must be up-to-date)
        ⑦ Dorm application   
        ⑧ Health examination form (Dorm applicants - required at dorm check-in) 
        ⑨ 1 copy of evidence of
 English language proficiency

             or reference letter (only if you want to take courses in English)   


 Deadlines (Online Nomination, Online Application, Application Documents Email)

    1. Spring Entry: October 30

    2. Fall Entry: April 30


Please refer to the online application guideline provided on the menu, "Apply online (Exchange)"

- We are not able to process incomplete application forms.

- Once applications have been full processed, we will mail via DHL student acceptance packets to their university coordinators.  



  Global Exchange Scholarship funded by Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies offers scholarships to up to five exchange students, with outstanding academic merit, from our international partner institutions. Each scholarship is worth KRW 500,000 (one-off payment) per semester.

Eligibility & Conditions


The scholarships are awarded to applicants from our international partner universities who are accepted for admission to our exchange program.

a. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the strength of their exchange application: academic merit and international community contribution.

b. Scholarship awardees will work towards promoting global awareness and international understanding through participating in HUFS community outreach programming, including but not restricted to the Children's Library Initiative, the Peer Tutoring Language Program, and/or the HUFS & You international student magazine. 

c. The number of scholarship holders may change according to availability.

d. Global Exchange Scholarship winners will be considered at the time of application  to the exchange program. 


 Peer Tutoring Language Scholarship 

Exchange students tutor their Hankuk University of Foreign Studies peers in their native languages. 500,000 KRW will be awarded at the end of the tutoring period. 

- There is a separate application for the program. Application forms will be distributed during New Student Orientation. 


 Global Korea Scholarship Program for Foreign Exchange Students

(Korean Government)


This scholarship program is organized to provide continual opportunities for international exchange students to study in Korea and delve into Korean culture. Any international student with academic merit is eligible to apply for this scholarship program. All incoming exchange students are automatically considered as candidates for screening. so there is no separate application form.


HUFS will select the top-qualified students within the given number of slots for each year.


Number of slots for 2018 Recommendation:TBA 


Eligibility & Conditions


-  Students should be officially nominated by our international partner universities. 
-  Students should take at least one regular semester course related to Korea during the exchange program.  
-  Students are required to provide evidence (academic transcript) of grade point averages over 3.2 out of 4.0.
-  Current exchange students are not eligible to apply for this program.
-  Only undergraduate students are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

Application Procedures


a. Exchange students should submit their exchange application packets before the deadline.
. HUFS will screen & evaluate all applications received at the time of application to the exchange program.

c. HUFS will recommend a select number of students to the Korean government and receive final confirmation.

d. Final scholarship winners will be announced in late February/August on this website.


Scholarship Benefits


-  Airfare reimbursement (round-trip)
-  Monthly stipend of KRW 500,000 (for 3 months)
-  Settlement allowance of KRW 200,000 for the first month (one-off payment)
-  Medical insurance






Ms. Bo Myung KIM

Student Exchange Manager (Inbound) 
Office of International Student Services
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
107 Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu,
Seoul 02450, Korea
Tel: 82-2-2173-2062  / Fax: 82-2-2173-2877
Email: exchange@hufs.ac.kr