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 HUFS offers a wide range of academic courses to attract increasing numbers of international students from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, New Zealand/Australia and Africa.


The Visiting Student Program allows students from other countries to attend HUFS to take advantage of our excellent faculty and courses on a temporary basis. 


Students from non-partner universities can apply to spend one semester or one academic year at HUFS. Visiting students are limited to a maximum of one year of enrollment at HUFS.



If your home university does not a have a formal academic agreement with Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, you may apply for the Visiting Student Program. 
As a visiting student at HUFS, you: 
 - study at HUFS for one or two semesters
 - pay the tuition fee to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
 - are responsible for inquiring to your study abroad adviser as to whether you can earn credits for the
studies you will undertake at HUFS
 - may apply directly for the Visiting Student Program with a recommendation letter from one faculty member from 
your home university  


 Entry Requirements
Students should have completed at least one semester at their home university by the time of participation in this program. In order to gain admission, students are required to provide evidence of their GPA's at over 2.5 out of 4.0 or grades equivalent to a B average.
※ Korean/English Language Proficiency Requirements
Language proficiency requirements have been established to ensure that all students registered in HUFS undergraduate programs are able to adequately participate in and benefit from instructional activities, which are mostly provided in Korean and English.
1) Korean Language
    Students whose first language is not Korean and want to take regular courses taught in Korean are required to provide evidence of Korean language proficiency from at least one of the following: 
     a. TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) - Level 3 or higher or KLPT - 350 or higher
     b. Level 3 or higher certificate from the HUFS Center for Korean Language & Culture
     c. Official transcript proving you have earned at least 15 total credits from Korean language-related courses.
2) English Language
    Students whose first language is not English and want to take coursework taught in English are required to provide evidence of English-language proficiency from one of the following: 
     a. IELTS - overall band score of at least 6.0
     b. TOEFL -  above 550 (Computer based 213, Internet based 80)
     c. Letter from a university professor familiar both with expected standards in an English-medium university 
program and with the student's ability to perform in an English-medium academic atmosphere.
※ Students whose first language is Korean or English do not need to submit proof of language proficiency, but only if they plan to take courses taught in their first languages.


 Enrollment Information & Tuition Fees
Visiting students are required to enroll as a full-time student in undergraduate courses, regardless of the amount of credits they intend to earn. You can earn up to 20 credits per semester.

Please go to "Courses >> Tuition & Fees" menu to get information about tuition fees for international visiting students.


The full tuition fees will be due within the first week of class. You will be issued a bill for payment in full, several days after your arrival. Payment is cash only (deposit made directly to our university bank account). Credit cards and checks cannot be accepted. If you withdraw funds from a bank account in your home country, please be sure to check your bank's withdrawal limit (daily/monthly, etc.) before leaving. You should also inquire as to whether or not you will have full access to your account from ATM's in South Korea.


 How/When to Apply
You may apply directly to HUFS for Study Abroad Program.
   To make a direct application:
   1. Download the Study Abroad Program Application form on the "Application Forms" section
   2. Complete the application form.
  3. Attach a recommendation letter from a university professor and other supporting documents, as described in the  application form. 
  Application deadlines
    1. Spring Entry: October 30
    2. Fall Entry: May 15
Please note that we are not able to proceed with incomplete application forms.



Mr. Byunghyuk Kim
Email. summer@hufs.ac.kr / Tel. 82-2-2173-2068