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The Office of International Student Services (OISS) is pleased to welcome all international students to HUFS. On this page you will find useful visa information. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact us at (prospective exchange/visiting students) or (current international students). 

Prospective & Returning Student

All international students residing in foreign countries that have been accepted to study at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies for longer that 90 days will need a D-2 student visa from their closest embassy or consulate of the Republic of Korea. As you are normally not allowed to change your visa status from 'Tourist Visa' to 'Study Visa' once inside Korea, you need to have a D-2 visa in your passport before arriving in Korea!!

Upon receipt of a student's application documents, the HUFS Office of International Student Services will apply for the D-2 student visa on the student's behalf. After the student's visa application has been accepted, the HUFS OISS will update the student's application portal with his or her individual Certificate of Confirmation of Visa Issuance document. Each student must submit his or her Confirmation of Visa Issuance document, visa fee, passport, and tuberculosis test certificate (residents of designated countries only, see below) to the closest embassy or consulate of the Republic of Korea. 

Required Documents to Submit to the Embassy of Consulate of the Republic of Korea: 

Visa Application Form, passport, a photo in a standard format, fee

- A copy of Business Registration Certificate (or Registration Number Certificate) of a respective education institute

- Letter of Acceptance 

- Certificate of Admission 

- Recommendation letter issued by the head of your university (depends on embassy and/or country of citizenship)

Original copy of documents proving your financial ability to support yourself (depends on embassy and/or country of citizenship)

- Documents proving that you have completed at least one semester (Proof of enrollment from a university)

- Tuberculosis Test Certificate provided from a designated hospital* for those from the following countries:    


  Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Kyrgzstan, Malaysia  Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia,  Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

*Please visit the website of your closest Korean embassy for a list of designated hospitals in your country 

If you have submitted the items listed above, you will receive a D-2 visa in your passport. Take a look at the sample photo below:


   Current Students

Our office (Office of International Student Services) provides one-stop immigration advice and services on campus. International students will find most of the forms required for filing with the Seoul Immigration Office at the OISS. If you have any concerns, questions or need assistance, please feel free to visit our office, located on the first floor of the HUFS Minerva complex. 
Alien Registration

Students who plan to stay longer than 90 days need to apply for Residence Permission at the Seoul Immigration Office within 90 days of their arrival in Korea.

1) Application Period : Within 90 days of arrival
   - For international students  who were granted status or change of status at the time when such permissions were given.

2) Documents submitted to OISS  

   - Application for ALIEN registration 
   - Passport
   - 1 color photo (3 x 4 cm)
   - Fee: KRW 30,000
   - Certificate of current enrollment (재학증명)

Extension of Stay (e.g. D-2 from 6 months to one year)

1) Application Period : Before 2 months from the current expiration date to expiration date.
    (In the case of apply for the extension after the expiration date, you shall pay the penalty)

2) Documents submitted to OISS:
   - Application for extension of stay 
   - Passport
   - Alien registration card
   - Fee : KRW 60,000
   - Certificate of Current Enrollment (재학증명)
   - Official Transcript (성적증명)
   - Housing Contract (계약서, 거주확인서 등)
   - In the event that regular academic is exceeded, the material that proves such fact
     (recommendation by Advisor)

   ※ D-2 Students whose CGPA is below C average or D-4 students whose attendance rate is below 70% are required to submit the certificate of bank balance more than KRW 7,000,000 (예금잔고증명)
C. Changing Status of Stay (e.g. Tourist visa to D2 or D4 to D2)

If you are a D-4 status(General training - Korean language course) foreigner and have been admitted to our degree seeking or exchange/visiting courses (undergraduate, post undergraduate courses), you should apply to change your status of stay to D-2 (Overseas Study) before our reqular courses start. If you entered into Korea with a Tourist visa and need to enroll in our university's programs, you should apply for this as well. 

1) Application Period : Before engaging in activities beyond the current visa status.
2) Documents submitted to OISS:
   - Application for changing status of stay   
   - Passport
   - Alien registration card
   - Fee : KRW 130,000
   - Certificate of admission (표준입학허가서) 
   - Receipt for tuition payment or certificate of scholarship (등록금납입증명 또는 장학증명)
   - Bank Account Statement that has the balance more than KRW 7,000,000 (예금잔고증명 700만원이상)
     Please note that the bank account statement should be issued by a Korean domestic bank and you should have a account. 
   - Certificate of final academic background, Census Registry (Only applicable to Chinese) (최종학력증명, 호구부)
   - Certificate of all language training courses during D4 studentship including rate of attendance & course
period (D4 -> D2) (D-4자격 체류기간 중 모든 한국어 과정 수료증 - 출석률 및 기간 명시) 

 Location of Seoul Immigration Office (Sejongno)

  Address / Contact


(Click the image to view the Google Maps)
Seoul Global Center 2F, 3F 64-1 
Seoul, South Korea
Telephone: +82-2-731-1799
Subway: Jonggak Station (Line #1)
Working Hours: 9:00 - 12:00 
                           13:00 - 18:00
                    Monday through Friday 


Please follow this link to the our government website to find more detailed information about immigration guide in English.