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HUFS provides airport pickup services for international students.


Enterance is a transportation company, specializing in door-to-door service, particularly for the passengers  arriving at and departing from Incheon International Airport. Our office has contracted with this company to provide you with comfortable airport pickup service to the HUFS campus. Online Reservation is available in English.
※ Contact: Tel 82-70-8843-4304, 82-10-6291-5199/ Email enter@enter-biz.com


 Online Reservation (Airport Pickup)

◎ Website :http://www.enter-biz.com 

     - Visit the website and click the menu 'HUFS (Seoul)' or 'HUFS (Global)' for your pickup request.



     - Complete online reservation



     - Check your request has been successfully received 




  * Please note that this online system is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11 and Microsoft Edge, and available for most mobile brands and tablets.

◎ Languages available : English
◎ Fare : While this service is discounted for HUFS students, we recommend that students prepare KRW 30,000 for this transportation. 

             The fare is subject to change
◎ You will need to pay the driver directly for the service. so please have the payment ready in Korean Won.


    Other way to get to our campuses
Seoul campus
If you plan to study at Seoul Campus, you should take city bus no. 6002 from Incheon International Airport to Cheongnyangni Station(청량리역).
The boarding points for bus 6002 are in front of airport exit doors 5B or 12A (just after exiting from customs control).
 Please click here to see more information about the bus route.

You are required to purchase your ticket at the ticket booth or from the bus staff before they board the bus. (Bus staff can be recognized by the official uniform vest they wear. They usually carry a wad of tickets and cash in their hand). The price is KRW 10,000 and the trip will take about 90 min. Please make sure to get off at the correct stop: 청량리/CHEONGNYANGNI [pronounced: cheong-nyang-ni].
Then take a taxi to get to the Seoul campus. You can tell the taxi driver "한국외국어대학교에 가 주세요" ("Please take me to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies") or show them the name 한국외국어대학교 (HUFS). The price is around KRW 5,000 and it will take about 15 min. 

We recommend that students change the equivalent of at least U.S.$100 at the airport to cover such expenses as the airport bus fare into the city, food, and miscellaneous expenses during their first few days in Korea. There is a bank on campus that handles foreign exchange, but banks close at 4:00 p.m. and are not open on the weekends in Korea, so please make sure to be prepared for this.
Global Campus
If you plan to study at our Global campus should take city bus no. 5300 (Seongnam, 성남) from Incheon International Airport to Moran Station(모란역). It costs KRW 12,000 and the boarding point for the bus is 8A on the first floor in the airport.
After you get off at the Moran station, take a taxi to get to our Global campus. You can tell the taxi driver "한국외국어대학교에 가 주세요" ("Please take me to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies") or show them the name 한국외국어대학교 (HUFS). It would take about 30 min. and cost around KRW 20,000.