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On-campus Dormitory 


Globeedorm (Seoul Campus)



HUFS Dorm (Global Campus in Yong-in City)



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Accommodation is available in our on-campus dorm


Double rooms will be assigned for international exchange/visiting students.

All rooms are air-conditioned and come equipped with following items;

 - Bed, Desk, Closet, Security Locker, Telephone (free International call available), Refrigerator

 - Free Internet access (Lan-line)

 - Separate Toilet / Bathroom


Utility rooms equipped with automatic laundry machines and ironing boards are located on every other floor.

No cooking facilities are available in our on-campus dormitories.

Lunch is served on campus everyday in the student cafeteria.

If you want to know more about other facilities or Globeedorm rules, please visit here for more information.


Off-Campus Residences (HUFS International House A & B for Seoul Campus)


These residences are located within 3-minute walk distance from our Seoul campus

International House A is exclusively open to female students and has 17 rooms.

International House B is open to any international studentss and has 34 rooms.

international house

All rooms are air-conditioned and come equipped with following items;

- Bed, Desk, Closet, Security Locker, Refrigerator, Washing machine and Kitchen facilities 

- Free Internet access (Lan-line or Wifi)

- Separate Toilet / Bathroom.


Choose the Right Dorm at HUFS (Seoul Campus Applicants) 





International House A or B




Off-Campus (3-minute walk to campus)


100 +

Max. 30 for A, Max. 65 for B


Open to all students

A: female students only

B: Open to all students

Room Type



Bed Type

2 Singles

Bunk Bed




Cooking Facilities




LAN O, Wi-fi X

LAN O,  Wi-fi O





Shared in utility rooms on each floor

Equipped in each room

Fee (16 weeks)

KRW 1,060,000

KRW 1,300,000


Dorm Addresses for shipping your luggage in advance

For Globeedorm, Seoul campus
  Room #, Globeedorm
  107, Imun-Ro, Dongdaemun-Gu, Seoul, Korea 02450
  Tel. 82-2-2173-2217
For HUFS International House A or B, Seoul Campus
   Please contact our dorm manager via email (See the contacts menu) 
For HUFS Dorm, Global campus located in Yong-in City
  Room #, HUFS Dormitory
  81, Oedae-ro, Mohyeon-myeon, Cheoin-gu,Yongin-si, Gyeongi-do, 449-791
  Tel. 82-31-330-4102
 Application Procedures / Notification of Room Assignment (Exchange / Visiting Students)
- Choose a dorm you wish to stay at the time of your online exchange application 
- Download the dorm application below
- Fill out the Dorm application and Health Examination form
- Submit them to our Office of International Student Services along with exchange/visiting application form
We use the months of June and July for Fall semester, and December and January for Spring semester to make the room assignments and we notify you by early February for Spring semester and August for Fall semester through the our online application system and HUFS Student Portal
* Information for Degree seeking international students ----------------------------------------------------------- GO 


 Dormitory / Health Examination Form (Exchange / Visiting Students)
- Application for Dormitories (Regular Semester, Seoul Campus, Seoul) ---------------------------------------------- Download 
- Application for on-campus Dormitory (Regular Semester, Global Campus, Yongin City) ------------------------ Download
- Application for Dormitories (International Summer Session, Seoul) --------------------------------------------------- Download 
  ※ Please note that Health Examination Form attached to each dorm application should be completed and signed by a doctor/clinician. 
* Information for Degree seeking international students ----------------------------------------------------------- GO 


 Dorm Check In/Out Periods for 2015 Fall & 2016 Spring, Links to Temporary Housing Options
2015 Fall Semester
For students who take only one regular spring semester & Korean language spring term (From Aug. 31 2015 - Dec. 18 2015) 
- Check in: August 26-28, 2015
- Check out: December 18, 2015
For students who stay until Feb. 2016 to take our Korean language winter term (From Aug. 31 2015 - Feb. 19 2016)
- Check in: August 26-28, 2015
- Check out: February 19, 2016



For International Summer Session participants: Please visit our ISS program's website (
If you are planning to arrive in Seoul before our dorm check-in dates or stay after check-out dates, here are links to some rather inexpensive youth hostel type accommodations run by Seoul City government. Please arrange your temporary housing intime.
 Seoul Youth Hostel
 Guest house in Seoul
 Other hostel information in Seoul 




 Dorm Fees / How to make fee payment

Globeedorm (Seoul Campus) 
Fees (As of Fall 2015)
Regular Semester(16 weeks): KRW 1,060,000
Vacation Period (8 weeks): KRW 600,000
Security Deposit: KRW 30,000
Student Counsil Fee: KRW 10,000 
Int'l House (Seoul Campus)
Fees (As of Fall 2015)
Regular Semester(16 weeks): KRW 1,300,000
Vacation Period (8 weeks): KRW 600,000
Security Deposit: KRW 100,000
Payment Procedures
- Visit the dorm office/OISS to get the bill after you arrive on campus
- Pay in cash at the bank (We don't accept credit cards)
- Bring your receipt to the dorm office
※ Meals not included
※ Security Deposit and Student Counsil fee should be paid even if the student's dorm fee is waived by billateral agreement with our partner university.
HUFS Dorm (Global Campus in Yong-in City)
Fees (As of Fall 2015)
Regular Semester(16 weeks): KRW 1,244,000
Vacation Period (8 weeks): KRW 630,000
Security Deposit: KRW 40,000


 Cancellations & Refund

Globeedorm / HUFS Dorm (On-campus Dormitories)
Students must cancel their housing contract and move out for up to 75% dorm fee refund within 60 days for
a regular semester and 28 days for a vacation.
 - Regular semester
   1 ~ 15 days : 75% /  16 ~ 30 days: 50% / 31 ~ 60 days: 25%
 - Vacation
   1 ~ 7 days: 75% / 8 ~ 14 days: 65% / 15 ~ 21 days: 55% / 22 ~ 28 days: 45% 
Int'l House A or B (Seoul Campus, Off-campus Dormitory)
Students will have until March 31 for Spring Semester and September 30 for Fall semester to cancel their housing contract to receive 50% dorm fee refund. Cancellation after the deadline will result in no refund.