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Working Opportunity dddd

If you are on a student visa (D-2 or D-4) you are allowed to work while your course is in session. Your primary purpose is to study and work must not interfere with your studies.

Part time employment permission (S-3) of Study Abroad (D-2) or Korean language student (D-4-4) status holders.


  ● Those with D-2 or D-4-4 status who have been studying at minor college or higher level  education institute:
 - who are carrying a D-2 visa.
 - who have been studying at least 6 months (D-4-4).
 - who are preparing thesis after completion of regular degree.
Allowed time and workplace


Topik level achieved

Allowed Time


Topik 2


Upto 20 hours in week


Upto 10 hours in week


Freshman - Sophomore

Topik 3


Upto 20 hours during weekdays

Unlimited hours during weekend


Upto 10 hours in  week

Junior - Senior

Topik 4


Upto 20 hours during weekdays

Unlimited hours during weekend


Upto 10 hours in week

● Limited to 2 workplaces total.
Allowed fields

● Occupation acknowledged as having close ties with their major.

●Occupations commonly accepted by society as being suitable for students : Interpretation/translation, arranging books at library, janitor work, assistance in restaurant business, general office work assistance, temporary research activities that are not formal employment such as lab projects in which the study and the research are performed side by side, temporary lecture/research assistance.

● Foreign language instructor at educational facility like private institute.
● Other field of simple labor that are not restricted.
● Sales person at the shop, waiter or waitress at the restaurant, assistant staff who work at the foreign language 

Document required

- Passport
- Alien registration card
- Application form (Click on "Announcements > Forms & Regulations" to download the form) 
- Original and copy of contract or an employment confirmation document by employer
- Copy of business registration of workplace 


How to Apply 

- Complete the Recommendation for Part-Time Work. 
(Signatures from your academic advisor and employer should be made).

- Visit the office of International Student Services to get final validation from the university's main coordinator.
- Visit the immigration office with other supporting documents.

   or apply through E-system from http://www.hikorea.go.kr ---------------------------------------> Click