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We are a dedicated team, committed to supporting all international students
throughout their time at HUFS.


The HUFS OISS (Office of International Student Services) & ISO (International Student Organization) have been established in order to:
 - provide programs which foster interaction between international students and Korean domestic students.
 - facilitate international students' integration into HUFS campus life. 
 - sponsor programs and activities centered around the internationally diverse faculty and students which lead 

   to enhanced multicultural awareness among faculty, staff and students at HUFS.

Services Offered

- ISO Information Center, staffed by multilingual HUFS students.
- Equipped with computer, internet access, local telephone service.
- Functions as a "Help Desk", providing immediate answers to international students' questions regarding
university procedures, daily living in Korea, ISO-sponsored activities. 
- International Lounge Cafe.
- Everyone is encouraged to use a foreign language in this cafe, with the participation of HUFS

-International students. Foreign language conversation, buddy sign-up programs are also available.
- Regularly scheduled events and cultural activities.
- ISO Movie Nights, International Day, Korean Cultural Events, Seasonal Holidays & Festivals and so on.

Korean students and international students can meet, socialize and learn about each others' cultures.

- Academic Advice and Guidance.
- Provides advice and guidance on a range of issues.

International students can book an appointment for counsel if they need assistance with visas/immigration, course registration, personal issues, or financial difficulties.



Visit us at:

Office of International Student Services

HUFS Minerva Complex 1st Floor #102
Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00

Ms. Bomyung Kim, Ms. Monica Jones  for exchange students

 Tel. 02) 2173-2062



Ms. Jia Shin for International Summer Session
Tel. 02) 2173-2068


Mr. Wonil Ki for international admission

Tel. 02) 2173-2065


Mr. Dongze Fang for international admission [China]

Tel. 02) 2173-2090



Ms. Hye Young Lee for undergraduate student affars
Tel. 02) 2173-2066



International Student Organization (ISO)
HUFS Minerva Complex B01 
Mon - Fri  11:30 - 17:30 Tel. Not Available

ISO Websites & Email Address


isopickup@gmail.com(For pickup service)

hufsiso@gmail.com(For general inquires)