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Hankuk University of Foreigns Studies (HUFS) is attracting a wide range of international students from all over the world to study at all courses within the university. There are around 1,600 students who are currently studying at our school. The number of International students enrolled in our school for the academic year 2013 increased by 40% compared to the last year. 




We are delighted to share the experiences of some students with you here.

If you are a current student or a past student and want to have your profile featured in the section to share your experiences with others, please download this file to send to our office (exchange@hufs.ac.kr). Hopefully we can post your profiles up here!


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A selection of profiles on international students who are currently with us or have studied at HUFS


María José Valencia

Exchange Student

I come from a small town, so I thought it’d be difficult to adjust to a city and a new university. To be honest, I thought I’d be invisible and wouldn’t make a lot of friends, but I truly believe I met people who became my family. It seems we all had an interest in common and there was always somewhere to go, something to do. A place of never-ending activity, and I felt like my life was moving forwards. I’ve seen so much and learned so much thanks to all the friends I met, both Korean and foreign. It is true, what they say about HUFS. You really go to meet the world. 

While I was in HUFS I met amazing people from just about every corner of the planet. I was also so shocked at how many classes the University had available in foreign languages, even Spanish, my mother tongue! I found that the campus became like a home to me quickly, and it was exciting to share classes and dormitory with my new friends. My Korean friends often told me that the HUFS Seoul campus is a relatively small campus, but I thought it was charming and beautiful, many times nature coexisting with modernity, and that’s something you rarely find in a city. The intensive Korean language course was challenging but they were the classes I looked forward to the most, and I made great friends there as well (although sometimes we could only speak in beginner’s Korean!)

Being a student at HUFS was a life-changing experience, changed my way of thinking and seeing things, my way of expressing myself, and I think of those times fondly. I’m very thankful to have been in HUFS and I hope to come back sooner or later to study there again



      Jason Anthony

Exchange Student and Summer Session Participant

In 2014, I embarked on my first journey to South Korea and it left me wanting to come back more than before. I was an exchange student studying Korean language and Chinese politics so my schedule was pretty tight, but I can honestly say it was the most enjoyable semester I ever had! I joined ISO, the International Student Organization, where I worked with fellow foreign students and Korean students to ease the acclimation of student life in South Korea.

I made so many lifelong friendships through ISO and I also met my long-lost Korean brother, Kihun. We were roommates in the Globeedorm and we instantly became like true brothers; I traveled all across Korea with him and his family every month, and his family actually came to visit me in New York after I returned to America! I enjoyed my time at HUFS so much that I decided to return in 2017 after graduating to participate in the International Summer Session. HUFS truly is a global standard, and the lessons I have learned along with the life changing friendships I have made will always remind me just how influential HUFS was on my life.


Exchange Program


To experience the famous Korean spirit has been one of my bucket lists. And the moment I got the letter of acceptance for Student Exchange at HUFS, I couldn’t be excited more! Never have I thought that I would get to know the diverse and dynamic globalization blended in tradition, right in Korea. HUFS was a complete package for me. As I lived in the student dormitory, it was very convenient to go to classes. Even the subway station was close by and there were lots of delicacies around. Not to mention that HUFS is known as the best university for languages, of which I do think so. The good reputation comes with the great professors and students. With multinational-foreigners coming to HUFS, I could experience the multicultural environment, a harmonized one to feel and learn about international relations.

The best thing I ever had during my exchange program was to be ISO member. I was delighted to help and join activities with other foreigners while working with Korean friends. This is what I called cultural exchange done in a happy and meaningful way. And up until now I still communicate with my friends, which derived from lifetime friendship I made at HUFS. People here are surely open-minded to others’ cultures and willing to learn new languages.

There may be lots of cultures to study, yet the students show international mind and high tolerance for foreigners. I would then recommend HUFS for those who want the dynamic international life while being exposed nicely to Korean culture. 


Maja Szeląg
Exchange Program


I came to study at HUFS twice. That's how addictive a student life in this university became for me. But I wasn't the only one. Keeping in touch with friends I met here, even up to two years ago, I listen a lot about their yearning and wishes to study at this school again. I considered myself very lucky to have done that. Especially as a student of Korean philology I strongly recommend taking Korean intensive course here. I feel I lacked any skills before coming here, even in spite of studying Korean before.

The biggest reason to attend this school though is the possibility to study while having lots of fun at the same time. The year I've spent at HUFS was neither wasted on mindless partying or hard studying only. The classes I took were intensive and I had to make an effort to pass exams, learning a lot in the process, but it didn't stop me from experiencing all the pleasures of exchange student life. Traveling around, joining activity clubs, going for festivals, trips and above all - meeting friends - is what I mean by that. People are the reason I decided to come to HUFS for the second time. I could meet Korean friends but also people from all over the world. There are more foreigners here than at most of other popular schools in Seoul. That was very important to me because my Kazakh, Mexican, Czech, Spanish, Slovenian, Colombian, Chinese, Japanese, American (etc - I can't even write it all down) friends together with Korean ones were the reason I spent my time in Seoul being happy and not homesick. I'll be always grateful to HUFS for what I learned while studying, what I learned about myself as a person and for amazing people I met.



Rephisikova Esenia


My student life at HUFS has started 3 years ago. It was my first time in Korea and I wasn’t familiar with Korean culture and Korean language much. Before I came I was worried a lot how could I manage to survive in a completely different culture. It was a sort of gambling and my bet was successful, I think. From the first day at HUFS I got all important information on Orientation day and all my questions found their answers at International Office. Studying process seemed not that hard for me, however I wanted not only to study, but become a part of Korean society and make Korean friends. The easiest way for me was to join one of the student clubs. Luckily, I found a very long list of them and made my mind on one of them. I travelled a lot around Korea together with my student club’s members or joined the school organized trips and I think there is no place left that I haven’t visited yet. Every week something is happening on campus: festivals, sport competitions, culture days. Even during exam week school provides small free gifts to cheer you up during that hard time. Whenever somebody asks me if I regret my choice or if I miss my home? I say NO! So many things are happening in my life so I just don’t have time to miss my home. 

Ansun Ku



I still have very presented the first day I arrive to HUFS 5 years ago during the summer. At first I came to our university to study the intensive Korean language course, which I did for almost one year. While studying Korean language I learn a lot about the culture and made incredible friends which with some to this day I still have contact with. It’s really funny to remember how at the beginning with our poor Korean skills we all manage to communicate and became close and even more when we could keep a full conversation in Korean. I have very good memories of my time studying Korean, my friends and the great teachers I had. And even that I had hard times learning the language, it also was so much fun! Moreover, learning the language helped me a lot to understand much better the Korean culture and, to live a more comfortable/easy life in Korea. After studying Korean I got enrolled into HUFS as a regular student in 2014 and now I am in my last semester. I chose 외대 because besides of been one of the best universities in Seoul, the campus is really convenient and I really got used to the school and its surroundings. This four years have been a real adventure; every semester meeting new friends, professors, and getting to know all of them is always exciting. Also, joining one of the school sports club have taught me discipline, had the opportunity to practice my Korean and the most important thing is that, I gain new family. I have also participated twice in the International Summer Session, and it was a great chance to fulfil the requirement credits for graduation and, take classes that are not available during the normal semester; besides that, the professors also come from other countries, everything is taught in English and they all are really nice. Without mentioning that there’s a lot of activities throughout the duration of the program! I believe that applying and been accepted to HUFS is one of the best things have ever happened to me. I have had the opportunity to meet incredible people from all around the globe, and this has made me see the world with different eyes; broadening my knowledge and understanding of different cultures. HUFS has been home for me for a long time and I feel very happy to be here. If I had the opportunity to choose again, without a doubt I would choose HUFS over and over.

Zagnibida Victoria

Graduate School


안녕하세요. 저는 2015년에 러시아 남쪽에 있는 로스토프 국립 경제 대학교 졸업 준비하면서 대학원 입학할 생각을 하고 있었습니다. 저는 학부 동아시아 지역 연구학 (한국 중심으로) 전공을 했기 때문에 한국에서 대학원 다니는 것이 꿈이었어요. 그래서 제가 한국에서 대학원 입학하려고 대학교를 미리 알아보고 있었어요. 한국에서 좋은 학교들 많지만 마음은 오직 한국외대로 갔습니다. 이유는 캠퍼스 멋있는 것도 있지만 ^^ 그외에 교수님들은 유능하시고 대단하신 분들이 많다고 알고 있기 때문입니다. 그리고 제가 현재 한국외대 대학원생이 되어서 느꼈던 것이 우리의 교수님들이 눈높이를 맞춰 주셔서 수업을 가르쳐 주시는 것이 정말 마음에 들었습니다. 우리 학생들도 정말 좋습니다. 우리 방은 외국인들 그리고 한국인들 반이기 때문에 우리 한국 학생들이 항상 도와주고 모르는 있으면 친절하게 설명해줘서 정말 기분 좋고 뿌듯합니다. 한국외대는 굉장히 글로벌해서 우리가 대학원 다니면서 전공에서 나오는 수업뿐만 아니라 여러가지 문화도 배울 있다는 것이 외대만의 특징이고 장점이라고 생각합니다. 그리고 한국외대는 학식이 너무 맛있습니다. 정말 저렴한 가격에 맛있고 신선하고 몸에도 좋은 음식을 먹을 있어서 아주 좋아요! 학식을 맛있게 준비해주시는 요리사님들과 우리 한국외대의 캠퍼스를 항상 깨끗이 관리를 해주시는 관리인분들한테 감사의 말씀을 드리고 싶습니다!^^ 덕분에 우리가 한국외대 생화를 행복하게 있습니다.

Maryam Ahmadi Jeshvaghane



I am an engineer of HUFS!! Yeah!! That’s right. Many people don’t know that HUFS has engineering department! I believe that the think that distinguishes HUFS engineers from other universities is being global. HUFS engineers are global and can communicate with other people from other nationalities to solve different problems. I was only when I came to HUFS but I never regret it. By studying in HUFS I met many people from all around the world and learnt many different cultures. YEAH! THAT’S WHY WE SAY COME TO HUFS! MEET THE WORLD! In HUFS we are taught to be global leaders, and that’s what widen my world and made me dream big.If you are looking at this APPLY FOR HUFS NOW! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!