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Courses offered at the Center for Korean Language and Culture (CKLC) are divided into the Standard Korean Program and the Special Korean Program.
In consideration of the diversity of the students, the CKLC stresses a learner-centered education program. Furthermore, to develop communication skills in Korean, the courses emphasize everyday communication.  
The Standard Korean Program is for foreigners and overseas Koreans living in Korea. There are 7 to 13 students per class with 10 weeks of class per semester for 4 hours a day (approximately 200 hours per 10-week term). Classes are held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Standard Korean Program classes are divided into 6 levels and in order to successfully complete a level, students must pass a final examination and cannot be absent for more than 1/5 of the course, i.e. students must attend at least 40 days of instruction.
For exchange students from partner institution!!
A. Fees
The Korean language program will be provided for any exchange students at no cost. However, students may be asked to pay tuition fees incurred for enrollment for the next term, if they fail the first term due to poor (low) attendance (more than 40 hours out of 200 hours - each term). As of Winter 2019 due to budget cuts, the Winter and Summer sessions can no longer be paid by the OIAM, rather it is available at cost to students for a 30% discount off the regular tuition price at 1,085,000 KRW.
B. Application
If you are applying for this program as an exchange student, please select Korean language courses at the time of your online application. Exchange students do not need to fill out an additional application form for this program.
C. Courses available
Exchange students are offered the standard 10-week term. The language center does not accept any applications from exchange students for students undertaking the short-term summer session, with the exception of students from partner universities which have established a special agreement for short-term student exchanges with our university.
D. Transcript / Credit Issue
Basically, this language program does not hold any credit. Our partner universities must determine whether or not it will count for credit, so students are required to check with them in advance. However, there is precedent for most of our international exchange students, majoring in Korean studies, transferring credits from this coursework.
The Korean language course will not appear on the same grade report as regular semester courses, but is issued as a separate transcript directly from the Center for Korean Language and Culture. At the end of the program, students should ask the language center for several copies of their transcripts if needed.

※ More information about the Korean language course can be found on http://www.korean.ac.kr







For Exchange/Visiting students
  Ms. Bo Myung KIM
  Email. exchange@hufs.ac.kr / Tel. 82-2-2173-2062
For Independant Applicants
  Ms. Jenny Lee
  Center for Korean Language & Culture 
  Email. cklace@hufs.ac.kr/ Tel. 82-2-2173-2260