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Dean’s Welcome

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Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to the Graduate School at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.  

   The Graduate School, founded in 1961 on the educational values of “truth,” “peace,” and “creation,” produces talents with a global mind.  The first and the best in Korea, our graduates are actively working in leadership positions across the country and around the globe.



   Today, we are living in a world of vast change and challenge.  Knowledge in just one field is often not enough to address today’s problems.  In this complex age, interdisciplinary research, the study of and across multiple disciplines, is no longer an advantage, but a necessity.  The Graduate School at HUFS is anchored in linguistic studies of all the languages of the world.  Students then build out of these essential, multilingual spaces to take up comprehensive research in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering.



   The Graduate School at HUFS is the top institute in Korea for teaching and researching. 

Approximately 1,300 students are currently expanding their knowledge within the four divisions of study in our master’s and doctoral degree programs.  Students in the Graduate School work with renowned faculty to write new and insightful dissertations, to get at solutions Korea needs now.  We pride ourselves on our strong, resourceful, and supportive faculty.  As both our doctoral candidates and, eventually, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies alumni, we invite you in and embrace you.  Together, we are excited about our future and our role in shaping a better present.                 


August, 2019

       Shin Young, Kim
Dean, Graduate School
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies