Dean’s Welcome

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Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to the Graduate School at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.  

 Founded in 1961, the Graduate School at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies played a leading role in our nation’s economic growth by academic research and raising professional manpower based on the education of various foreign languages. Along with the nation’s economic growth, the Graduate School also was brought up to be one of the best schools in Korea covering broad fields of liberal arts, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering.


 These days, with so-called the Fourth Industrial Revolution the world is changing so fast because of the quantum leaps in technologies. Furthermore the pandemic over the last couple of years changed every aspects of our lives, culture and economic system, blurring national borders and requiring even closer communication in a global scale.


 I am sure that the Graduate School at HUFS definitely has some strong points facing these critical situations. Anchored in linguistic and regional studies of major countries in the world, we are able to focus on interdisciplinary studies. We can also use a global networks we have already built for the past 60 years to get the most out of academic researches. Students from all over the world can work with renowned faculties from all over the world to study and get the solutions the world urgently need for the future. Approximately 1,100 students ‘meet the world everyday’, studying and expanding their knowledge in our master’s and doctoral degree programs.


 We are very proud of the Graduate School at HUFS, and cordially invite you to join the world we dream of.




February, 2022

        Taek Seon, Roh
Dean, Graduate School
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies