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제목 : Announcement for 2020 Application of Descendant's of Korean War UN Veterans Scholarship Writer : international
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Dear students,


We are very delighted to announce that our university will invite international descendants of UN Korean War veterans to provide educational opportunities to learn Korean language and obtain B.A, M.A or PhD degree from our university with full scholarships.


If you are a descendant of UN Korean-War veteran and are interested in studying in Korea, please refer to the information below.


2020 Scholarship Program for Descendants of UN-Korean War Veterans


1. Eligibility:   

- Applicants should be descendants of UN Korean-War veterans   

- Applicants should meet our minimal entry requirements for degree programs 

  (Details are available in the guideline attached above)


2. Total Number of Scholarship Winners :  maximum 5 persons

 National Quota

Name of Countries (21 Countries)

2 from each of the UN allied nations

USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Turkey, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Colombia, Belgium, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, India, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway


Maximum 5 persons


3. Scholarship Benefits 

- Full tuition waivers (Korean Language Program & Degree program) 

- Free dorm fee


4. Application 

- Deadline: Nov. 29, 2019 

- Application forms: Please download the file attached above


**Please note that from 2013, all Korean language course is taught in Global campus in Yongin city (90 minutes away from the main campus in Seoul). Scholarship students may choose majors offered in Seoul and Global campus.


**For information on majors offered in Global campus, please visit:

 (1) For Undergraduate: http://www.hufs.ac.kr/user/hufsenglish/index.html -> Academics -> Undergraduate Courses


 (2) For Graduate Programs:  http://www.hufs.ac.kr/user/hufsenglish/index.html -> Academics -> Graduate Programs -> Graduate School  


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