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제목 : [한국관광공사] 2018 WOWKOREA Supporters 아시아중동팀(Asia&Middle East countries) 유학생 기자단 모집 Writer : international
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[2018 WOWKOREA Supporters Recruitment]


WOWKOREA is looking for students in Korea from Asia&Middle East countries, who are interested in traveling and marketing.


If you want to travel around Korea and promote Korea tourism with global friends, don't hesitate to APPLY!

Apply  https://goo.gl/dHPPCi


International students from Asian&Middle Eastern countries other than China and Japan who:
 - Are interested in Korean Tourism and Culture
 - Are interested in social media and marketing activities
 - Live in Korea and can participate in activities regularly

 - Group Applicants (preferred) : 2~3 members of Asian&Middle-Eastern student other than Chinese and Japanese
 ※The group has to consist of at least 1 member from the countries below if possible (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, India, Kazakhstan)

 - Individual Applicants : Students from Asia&Middle East countries with social media skills in photography, video, influencer, etc.


- Attend official field trips(4 times) and complete contents creating missions
- Yearly mission to create a Korea tourist guidebook for Asian&Middle Eastern travelers
- Promote various Korea tourism contents through official WOWKOREA and individual social media channels


- Opportunities to participate in official field trips and group mission tours
- Opportunities to participate in festivals or events in Korea
- Awards for best performance individuals/groups
- Providing marketing seminar about Korea tourism
- Certificate of participation of WOWKOREA Supporters



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