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제목 : [2018 Asia Tomorrow U] Are you interested in Social Venture? Writer : international
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< 2018 Asia Tomorrow U>


Be Asia Tomorrow U today and Be Social Innovators tomorrow!


Asia Tomorrow U is a perfect program for those who are interested in Social Venture and who want to create social impact. Participants will explore social innovators all around the Asia, through discussions, workshops and presentations. Asia Tomorrow U will expand insight about complex roles of social ventures in Asia, then share what they have learned with other young students from Asia.


Asia Tomorrow U


n  When : April 27 – August 31, 2018 (16:00-18:00, Bi-weekly Friday)

       - Mandatory participation on April 27 for orientation


n  Who : 12 international (under)graduate students interested in social ventures and innovators in Asia

- International students from Asia – Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Laos and other Asian countries


n  Qualification

-       Students who can participate the programme for 5 months (Orientation is mandatory)

-       Student who are fluent in both spoken and written English

-       Students interested in Social Venture or Social Business


n  Activities

-       Writing articles about Social Ventures in Asia

-       Interacting with social entrepreneurs in Korea

-       Experiencing social economy clusters in Korea and more!


n  Benefits :

-       Interview opportunity for internship at underdogs, a social innovation startup company builder

-       Social innovation startup mentoring and coaching sessions


n  Where to apply?

      -   Fill the online application form on www.facebook.com/asiatomorrow.net during March 26 (Mon) – April 16 (Mon)


n  More about us - www.asiatomorrow.net


For Inquiry, contact contact@asiatomorrow.net





ASIA TOMORROW is the global project for underdogs, a social innovation startup company builder. We aim to contribute to sharing experience across all region by identifying and introducing emerging innovators in Asia. We promotes expansion of innovation, mutual learning, and social changes by supporting innovators by building a practice-based social business network.


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