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What is Honorary Publicity Ambassador of Gangnam-gu?




What is Honorary Publicity Ambassador of Gangnam-gu?

Answer the survey on Gangnam-gu Tourism on a regular basis.

Suggest the opinions about opration for HPAG.


Benefits of honorary publicity Ambassador of Gangnam-gu

-Members will receive a certificate from Mayor of Gangnam-gu

-Members can attend performances, events and exhibitions take place in Gangnam-gu for free.

-Outstanding members will be selected and awarded with a prized of a free tour to tourist attractions in Gangnam-gu.

- Number of tours: twice a year

- Purpose: Getting closer to Gangnam by experiencing cultural events and visiting attractions in Gangnam

- Sharing ideas and opinions through regular meetings: Half-yearly

-Members will be given an opportunity to promote a global district of Gangnam to the world.



What about our first tour plan?




DATE : 2018.5.4.(FRI) 14:00

PLACE : Entertainment agency & C-Festival(COEX)

We will meets on Apgujeong Rodeo Station

Fill out the form by email and give it to me if you want to join the tour

The contact email address is na2840@gangnam.go.kr





K-Star Road & Entertainment agency

-The K-Star Road is listing Hallyu stars’

  favorite hangout spots and their

  management agencies located in Cheongdam-dong

- We plan to meet the singer and go on a field

  trip. http://ateament.co.kr/




-C-Festival is the fourth big festival this year in Coex

-It is a festival full of things to see and eat.

- After we have a meal, we will be going to see a big public art performance.


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