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제목 : [mysc] Workshop for Global Youth interested in Korean Unification Writer : international
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이번에 통일과나눔재단, 한양대와 함께 남한, 탈북, 글로벌 학생이 통일에 대해 상상해보는 워크숍을 운영합니다.

OT(7/11 한/영 공동진행), 워크숍(7/26) 각 1회씩 부담없이 참여할 수 있습니다.
국제 학생분들의 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.
"What will happen after unification?" 
SDGs X Design Thinking Unification Workshop 
Start with a design-thinking workshop to imagine Korean unification based on UN SDG goals! 
1) OT: Steps to empathize (July 11th) 
- Let's hear the stories of unification in South Korea, unification in North Korea, unification in global perspective! 
- What do we mean by unification? Designing Unification with the Eyes of Youth 
- Let's create a network of empathy with each other.
2) SDGs Design Thinking Workshop (July 17th - Korean / July 26th - English) 
- Imagine the changes after unification with design thinking that solves problems based on empathy! 
- How much do you know about SDGs? Reinterpreting SDGs with the Eyes of Youth !
* OT and workshop participants will receive a Certificate of SDGs Design Thinking Workshop 
3) Afterwards, we will select core members and create an idea storybook. 
- Core member will be promoted as a co-author of the Storybook and receive MYSC X Hanyang University Internship Certificate 
▶ Participants: South Korea, North Korea, Global Youth , who are interested in unification 
▶ Activity Schedule: OT (7/11), Workshop (7 / 17- Korean, 7/26-English), voluntary core member activities (3 times in August) 
▶ Application period: June 19, 2018 ~ July 2, 2018 
▶ Result announcement: July 4th 
▶ Selection Criteria: Interest in Unification, Curiosity / Idea for Society after Unification 
▶ Contact:  Won Hee Kim(02-499-4111, wkim@mysc.co.kr
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