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제목 : [여행공방] Festive Jeolla - May 4 ~ 5 Weekend Trip (1N2D) Writer : international
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< Festive Jeolla - May 4 ~ 5 Weekend Trip [1N2D] >


* Tour Gongbang (Tour 08) Co., Ltd. ((주)여행공방 is a registered travel agency based in Yongsan Seoul & is responsible for the management/part funding of this trip.
※This tour is partly sponsored by the local provinces visited. 
**There are no shopping offers/scams etc. This trip is primarily for the purpose of giving you a full cultural experience in Korea : ) 
***This sign up form is for HUFS students. As we are in collaboration with the HUFS student office in order to make it possible for departure from HUFS university.

Anyone feeling festive this Spring? Well, you should be! As South Korea dolls itself up with flowers and abundant sunshine, various provinces prepare themselves for festivals and events that attract thousands each year! Tour 08 presents,  Festive Jeolla! A fun packed weekend away in the ancient province of Jeolla, known for it's historic artifacts, ruins, festivals and sceneries! Leave that pitcher behind in Hongdae or Itaewon and come join us on this culturally enriching experience , with a setting that's more than 2000 years old.

WHEN:  2019 May 4th(SAT)~5th(SUN)

WHERE: Jeollabuk -do (Iksan, Buan, Gusan and vicinity)


Hufs front gate! 07:00am  Gathering time: By 06:45am
If less than 30 participants to sign up dept. point will be:
07:00am Yongsan Stn, Front of Dragon Hill Spa. Gathering time: By 06:45am

TARGET PARTICIPANTS: Any Foreigner (Limited amount of Korean friends accepted)
*First to sign up and make payment! Place will not be confirmed until payment is made. 
**If departure doesn't happen for what ever reason you will be refunded the full amount.

★Please note this is a festival trip. There may be up to 4~5 buses (160~200 ppl) joining. Whilst this means a lot of people & fun, there are also various factors of the trip that require your understanding. Please be sure to read the TRIP NOTICES below to ensure you are aware of some of the aspects of this trip★

MAIN HIGHLIGHTS: (Full schedule listed below)
▶Drama filming site: Visit to Iksan Prison Set
▶Gosurak (Beautiful garden with traditional fermenting pots). Local meal will be had here. 
▶Baekje Seodong Festival~~~ [Held in Iksan]
▶Buan Celadon Museum
▶Buan Masil Festival~~~ [Help in Buan]

▶'Urimil' Village for Kimchi and Tofu making exp.
▶'Onggo House' for a vintage Korean experience of the good old days + vintage lunch box!
▶Gunsan Maritime  Museum
▶Traditional Rice Wine tasting experience! + Visit to Sinseongri Reed Village (another famous filming site).

▶ Chartered return bus
▶ Meals x 2
▶ Accommodation (Shared floor sleeping. Rooms of approx 4~10 people)
▶ Entrance fees
▶ Experience fees (Filming sites, Gosurak, both festivals, kimchi and tofu making, uniform experience, rice wine tasting experience etc!!)
▶ Guide/operation fees

COST: 20,000won!!!!     [Special for HUFS students!]
☺☺☺Trip is valued at over 100,000 KRW ☺☺☺


Apply: https://forms.gle/K1sSngu5y6XYzYnj7




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