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제목 : [서울시 주최] 정조대왕능행차 재현행사 참가자 모집 Writer : international
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[2019 King Jeongjo Parade Reenactment]


The 22nd King, Jeongjo has been told to be the most gracious king in the Joseon Dynasty.

During his reign, he made 66 royal trips out of his palace to observe his people and listen to their appeals.

In his honor, South Korea hosts 'the King Jeongjo Parade Reenactment' every year.

Come be a part of this lively event by adorning yourself in the Joseon Dynasty court attire

and marching in history's most splendid parade.

Plus, cross a special bridge on the Han River, which is built only once a year exclusively for this festival.

And test yourself and find out whether you can pass the Joseon Confucian Examination.


DATE : October 5th (Saturday) / 105일 토요일

VENU : Nodeul Island, Seoul / 서울 노들섬

ENTRY FEE : FREE (Lunch will be provided.)

PARTICIPANTS : 80 foreign nationals


Itinerary will be shared with selected participants and below schedule is subject to change.

- Experience the Joseon court attire

- Marching in parade

- Watching festival performances

- Joseong Dynasty Confucian examination experience


SIGN-UP : www.fundaykorea.me

INQUIRY : funday.networks@gmail.com or funday1 / funday2 (kakaotalk)

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