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제목 : World Culture Promoter Recruitment(유학생 세계문화홍보단 모집) Writer : international
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World Culture Promoter Recruitment(유학생 세계문화홍보단 모집)


온라인 신청서(https://goo.gl/RaXh3o)


보다 자세한 정보는 http://www.us-isrc.org/notice/25007를 참조하세요.

[World Culture Promoter Recruitment]


We recruit foreign international student and university student in Korea as world culture promoter who introduces world culture and experience traditions to adolescent, citizen and university student.


1. Recruitment Candidate :

Foreign international Student

* Korean college students have already been recruited.


2. Recruitment Period : Until 12th September, 2017


3. Recruitment Region : Seoul and Capital Area


4. Qualification for Application & Major Activity

- Foreign International Student

- Participant must attend Orientation on September 16th, and volunteer until the end of November

- Activity and campaign introducing and experiencing manifold culture and history of the world with community center children, senior, and citizens


5. Process of Recruitment

Interview schedule will be notified to successful candidate. After the interview,

final successful candidates will be informed. Orientation will be 2 to 5 P.M. on

September 16th.


6. Benefit for participant

- Issue of Certification of Volunteering

- Prize for Outstanding Team or Individual


7. How to Apply

Please write down the online application form (https://goo.gl/RaXh3o),

then submit until on September 12th.


8. Q&A

Please ask question to e-mail address : isrc@us-isrc.org

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