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Article No. : 112530811

작성일 : 18.10.16 | 조회수 : 346

제목 : [진성합기도] 외국인 채용 관련 Writer : international
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We want a boy who is a native english speaker and speaks in standard english.


-Job position : to learn Japanes fencing and Hapkido for free and to hang out with students in the gym

-The name of gym : Jinseong Gym (진성 검도합기도)

-Location : 경기도 광명시 소하2, Gwang- myung station (subway line 1)

-Payment : 1,400,000 won a month.

  * you can get many chances to tutor english. if you do so, you get all (there is not comission fee)

-Working hours : 2pm ~ 8pm / weekdays only


We can offer you one studio on the rooftop for free if you need.

Contact : a01044703920@nate.com


You dont need a resume.

Just send us "name, nationality, age, your photo and the level of english proficiency" by email.


Thank you.

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