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제목 : [러닝앤코] 원어민 연기자 Voice Recording 아르바이트 모집 Writer : international
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We are looking for a fun, charismatic, and animated person to do voice and/or video recording for Learning & Co, an ESL curriculum development company. If you are interested, please send us your information and a short audition video.



– Language : English (UK, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand accent preferred)
– Schedule : flexible time (Weekday 10:00~18:30), we’ll contact you to book a schedule 2 weeks in advance.
– Office/Studio location : Guro Digital Complex Station. (Subway line #2)
– Subject : Voice and/or video recording for kindergarten and elementary programs (target  ages 4~9)

– Pay : 50,000KRW/per hour (usually takes about 3 hours per session)

- VISA : Working Visa, Student Visa (but allowed to work Part-time), F Visa


- Work : We will provide short scripts. You must learn them by heart before the recording day. Don’t worry they are very short and easy! (Video length 00:01:30~00:02:30) Prior experience as a voice or video actor not necessary. We only require enthusiasm and energy. We have to record hundreds of videos so work can be steady (or if you prefer you can work for just one or few sessions).


– If available, please send your video audition file (If you don’t have a video, you can make one with your phone. Doesn’t have to be professional.). Pay attention to your gestures and accent since the videos we produce are for kids learning English.


<sample script – Here is a sample script to follow to use in audition video>

1 Where is my Face?


2 Where is my Ear?


3 Where is my Eye?


4 Where is my Nose?


5 Where is my Mouth?



Contact / Send sample files to : learningbee@daum.net


We’ll check within 1-3 business days and contact you.



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