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제목 : 2020-1 Recommendations about Korean-style products 글쓴이 : iso
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안녕하세요, 여러분~🙌

2020년도 1학기가 끝나가고, ISO 카드뉴스도 마지막이 되겠네요!😊


ISO의 새로운 스태프 분들이, 떠나신 분들의 자리를 채우듯,

많은 유학생분들이 본국으로 돌아가실 것으로 생각되요, 아쉽지만 이제는 보내드려야 할 때인가요?😢


여러분을 위해 준비한 마지막 카드뉴스는

친구, 가족 그리고 나에게 선물하면 좋을 한국스러운 제품들 소개입니다!🇰🇷💐🎁🎉


마지막까지 코로나 조심하고, 한국에서의 좋은 추억들만 오래오래 간직하도록 해요. 감사합니다.🙏💜


The first semester of 2020 is coming to an end, and so are our ISO Card News, as this will be the last one for now!😊


Just as new ISO staff will fill the seats of those who have left, we know a lot of international students are also going back to their home countries. Is it already time to let you go?😢


The last card news topic, that we have prepared for you are some Korean-style products that would be nice to give as a gift to your friends, family and of course for yourself!🇰🇷💐🎁🎉


Be careful, stay healthy and we hope tjat you keep only the good memories that you made here in Korea for a long time. Thank you.🙏💜


카드뉴스 한국외국어대학교 ISO 32기 PR Team 최욱진 제작.


This card news is presented by HUFS ISO 32nd PR Team Choi Ook Jin.
























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