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제목 : [심포지움안내] Language Teacher Education and Professional Development in Technology Integration 글쓴이 : TESOL대학원
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[Symposium at AILA 2020]  


Symposium Number: S168  

Organizers: Jeong-Bae Son and Philip Hubbard    


50-Word Description: It is critical for 21st century language teachers to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to support their effective implementation of new technologies throughout their careers. We welcome submissions which address issues in language teacher education and professional development in computer-assisted language learning and technology-enhanced language teaching. 


200-Word Description: In line with technological developments in the digital age, language teachers are in high demand to integrate technology into their teaching while supporting their students’ formal and informal learning. The implementation of technology-enhanced language teaching is largely affected by teachers’ competencies in the use of digital technologies and their ongoing professional development in computer-assisted language learning (CALL). Despite various efforts to improve language teacher education and development, however, there are still concerns about how language teachers can be adequately prepared to make effective use of CALL and how they can continuously develop their CALL knowledge and skills throughout their careers. This symposium looks at the role and use of technology in language teacher education and discusses professional development in CALL. It explores the following questions: What new skills and knowledge need to be developed? What should the relative roles of theory, research and practice be in a teacher training program? How can teacher educators prepare teachers to develop a critical mindset toward the affordances offered by new developments in technology? How should digital literacies and technology standards for teachers should be addressed? What teacher education models are most likely to provide adequate foundations to support lifelong learning for teachers?


Due date for the submission of abstracts through the conference website ( 16 September 2019 


Your submission needs to include: Author(s) and affiliation(s); Title (max. 20 Words); Abstract (max. 300 Words); Summary for the program (max. 50 Words)

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