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제목 : Online Book Talk webinar (free): The Wiley Handbook of Adult Literacy 글쓴이 : TESOL대학원
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Online Book Talk webinar (free): The Wiley Handbook of Adult Literacy
Thursday, October 10, 2019, 3:30-5:00 PM Eastern

This online Book Talk features a panel of some of the authors of chapters in the newly-published Wiley Handbook of Adult Literacy. The handbook examines the widespread phenomenon of poor literacy skills in adults across the globe. It  presents a wide range of research on adults who have low literacy skills. The various chapters look at the cognitive, affective, and motivational factors underlying adult literacy; adult literacy in different countries; and the educational approaches being taken to help improve adults’ literacy skills. The handbook focuses not only adults enrolled in adult literacy programs, but postsecondary students with low literacy skills, some of whom have reading disabilities. In this Book Talk, the panelists will speak about their chapters and answer questions from attendees. We look forward to your participation! 



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