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제목 : HUFS-TEMPE복수학위 관련 안내 글쓴이 : TESOL대학원
첨부파일 첨부파일: Dual Degree Program소개(2018).pdf

템플대학교와의 복수학위 프로그램에 관심이 있으신 2018학년도 1학기 기준 1학기 및 2학기 재학생들은 아래의 선임주임교수님 메일 내용과 첨부 된 파일을 확인하여 수강신청 시 유념하여 주시기 바랍니다.




Hello all, 
Hope you are having a relaxing, productive vacation. 
I am writing to the first and second semester students to introduce the dual degree program between HUFS and Temple University.
If you are interested in it, please refer to the attached file and the following requirements:
Those who are interested in the dual degree program need to read the following descriptions carefully and make a plan for course registration. 
It is important to complete all four core courses in your first semester if you are NOT required to take prerequisite courses. You apply for the dual degree program during the first semester and start studying at Temple from the second semester.
If you NEED to take prerequisite courses, you should complete all four core courses and three prerequisite courses in the first and second semesters. You apply for the program in your second semester and start studying at Temple from the third semester. 
If you don't follow this schedule, you cannot be considered as a candidate in the selection process. 
Detailed schedule and requirements are found in the website. 
Second semester students who do not need to take prerequisite courses but want to apply for the program in your second semester, please contact me separately. This is a group of students who have not been informed of the dual degree program due to the temporary termination of the program. 
I will inform you of the interview and application schedule again soon.

Hyun Jung 


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