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제목 : 2018-2 TESOL전문교육원 특강안내 글쓴이 : TESOL
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TESOL전문교육원에서는 아래와 같이 특강을 개설하오니 수강생 및 관심자 여러분의 많은 관심 바랍니다.


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1. 수업 일시


Teaching Grammar: 2018년 1120(화) 13:00~14:30

Planning Grammar Activities: 2018년 11월 21() 19:00-20:30


2. 대 상: 2018학년도 2학기 과정생, 수료생, 관심자 모두 환영


3. 특강 주제 및 강사


① Teaching Grammar by Scott Smith

: This special lecture will briefly review and largely extend on what you learned in your TPEC courses this semester, to include drawing on what I teach my graduate school students. It will focus on teaching and learning experiences with grammar, important terminology, items worth teaching (according to research), advantages and disadvantages of both deductive and inductive approaches, FMU (form, meaning and use), lesson frameworks (similarities and differences), resources (activities and books), and assessment.  It’s a lot to cover in just 90 minutes, but I want to make sure that you learn a lot about this important subject and walk away with a roadmap for classroom success



② Planning Grammar Activities by Edward Povey

: This special grammar class will cover general tips and concepts related to teaching grammar and then include demonstrations of lessons and activities to show the concepts in practice.



4. 강의실 : 본관 707


5. 수강신청: 본인의 이름, 학번(관심자 제외), 전화번호, 수강희망과목을 기재한 후 교육원으로E-mail (발송



6. 신청 기한

  : 2018년 11월 14일(수) 15:00 까지







TESOL Professional Education Center is offering special lectures for HUFS TESOL students.



1. Date& Time:

① Teaching Grammar: 2018. 11. 20 (Tue) 13:00~14:30

② Planning Grammar activites: 2018. 11. 21.(Wed) 19:00-20:30


2. Offered for: 2018-2 HUFS TESOL Students and alumni


3. Subject & Lecturer

① Teaching Grammar: Prof. Scott Smith

② Planning Grammar activities: Prof. Edward Povey


4. Location: Room #707, Main Building


5. How to apply: Please send an email to the HUFS TESOL (

                           with your name, student ID number, telephone number and subject.


6. Application deadline

 : 2018.11.14(Wed) by 15:00



Thank you.



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