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[🌵July Monthly Report🌵]

Hello, this is the 16th DIS Student Council DIS-CO. We’re here with updates on the programs we’ve held and the expense that DIS-CO has made during June of 2020!

☑️DIS-CO Programs

1. DIS First Half of Year 'Online Class Survey'

: In order to determine the overall satisfaction rate with online classes in first semester along with points of improvement for future classes, DIS Student Council conducted a DIS class survey.

2. DIS Student Council Election Promise Report & Feedback

: The 'Election Pledge' fulfillment rate for DIS-CO was reported, and a feedback survey for DIS-CO was conducted in order to prepare for a more advanced second semester.

3. July Cultural Event

: In celebration of the end of 1st semester, the July cultural event introduced a 'DISummer Playlist'.

4. Reporting the Meeting with the Dean

Date: July 14th, 2020

Main Points:

1. Discussions on the school budget for the 2nd half of 2020

2. First Half of 2020 feedback survey for DIS online classes were delivered.

3. Discussions on Student Council events for 2nd semester

☑️Settlement of Account

1. Gifts for the DIS-CO feedback survey

-KakaoTalk emoticon set*2=2,500*2=5,000

2. Gifts for the July Cultural Event

-KakaoTalk emoticon set*2=2,500*2=5,000

-Bluetooth Speaker*2=13,900*2=27,800

Actual Expenditure: Student Fee 37,800 KRW

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