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[🍉August Monthly Report🍉]

Hello, this is the 16th DIS Student Council DIS-CO. We're here with updates on the programs we've held and the expense that DIS-CO has made during August of 2020.

☑️DIS-CO Programs

1. Delivering Student Requests Related to 20-2 DIS Classes

: On August 6th, a meeting with the Dean of DIS was conducted regarding the operation of DIS second semester classes. Student Council requested for the Dean to encourage face-to-face classes and to come up with proper quarantine guidelines.

2. August Cultural Event- Online Flag Challenge

:In celebration of Korean Independence Day (August 15th), DIS students posted their own drawings of the Korean flag on Instagram.

3. DIS Market Season 1. Used Books

: DIS Market Season 1 is currently in progress. DIS Market Season 2 (Necessities) is coming up as well.

4. DIS Freshman Representative

: The process of electing a Korean freshman representative is currently in progress. The electing ceremony will be held online, due to COVID-19.

☑️August Settlement of Account

1. August Cultural Event Prize

- Korean Flag enamel pin (4,000) + Delivery Fee (2,500) = 6,500 KRW

Actual Expenditure: Student Fee 6,500 KRW

☑️Sneak Peek at September Events (COMING SOON!)

1. DIS Market Season 1 (Used Books)

DIS Market Season 2 (Necessities)

2. Translation Team Recruitment

3. Online General Assembly

We'll be back in September with another Monthly Report! Thank you for your continued interest~

Post Manager: The 16th DIS Student Vice President, Haeri Park

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