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< 🌿April Monthly Report🌿>


Hello, this is the 16th DIS Student Council DIS-CO. We're here with updates on the programs we've held and the expenses that DIS-CO has made during February of 2020!


💬DIS-CO Programs

1. Varsity Jacket Shipping

Varsity jackets were shipped out to students who were unable to receive their jackets due to COVID-19.


2. April Cultural Event

: For April, DIS held a cultural event in honor of the 4.15 election. The question 'What do you personally want from either South Korea or HUFS?' was asked, along with a voting event.


3. Report on Regular Steering Committee

The 1st semester General Assembly is postponed and combined with the 2nd semester General Assembly due to COVID-19. Booklets on the details of the General Assembly will be distributed in order to make up for the absence of the assembly, and there will be a suggestion box provided for further questions.


4. 2020 First Half of Year General Assembly Booklet & Suggestion Box




19-2 DIS Total Settlement of Account:


Suggestion Box: (Google Form) replydisco (Ask)



💬May Settlement of Account


Varsity Jacket Shipping: Each student paid 3000 KRW, and 600 KRW per person was paid from the student fee.


11,700 (Plastic Bag)+ (64,800-3000*18=10,800) = 22,500


Actual Expenditure: Student Fee 22,500


💬April Student Council Conference Records


1. Preparation before the launch of Council of Academic Systems

: Researching DIS major in different universities


2. Freshmen recruitment for Student Council is scheduled for late May.


3. Identifying and Seeking Solutions regarding COVID-19 in DIS

: DIS Student Council is currently working to cooperate with the Dean's Office in order to solve issues within DIS, such as graduation requirements and class issues.


We'll be back in May with another Monthly Report! Thank you for your continued interest!

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