[GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS Joins Hands with Four Other Eastern Seoul Universities for an Innovation Sharing Agreement 대표 이미지

    [GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS Joins Hands with Fo..
    ̵ The Agreement aims to share digital in...

    [GLOBAL HUFS] 188 HUFS Professors Make Their Statement of Support for Myanmar's Democratic Efforts in 30 Languages 대표 이미지

    [GLOBAL HUFS] 188 HUFS Professors Make..
    - This united, strong statement against ...

    [GLOBAL HUFS] The 7th YTN-HUFS Contact-Free Elementary School English Debating Championship Ends with Much Success 대표 이미지

    [GLOBAL HUFS] The 7th YTN-HUFS Contact..
    HUFS and Korea’s premier 24-hour news ch...

    [GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS and Yunus Emre Institute Hold an Orientation Session for Students Leaving for Internships with the Government of Turkey 대표 이미지

    [GLOBAL HUFS] HUFS and Yunus Emre Inst..
    On February 19, 2021 (Fri.), HUFS and th...


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