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제목 : [~7/23]Tuition Payment For New Students(International Students) 글쓴이 : 국제지역대학원
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※ Tuition payment period for domestic students will be announced later.

New Students Registration For International Students


1. Tuition Payment


Check and Print new students' tuition invoice (click)- available from Mon, July 19.


A. Payment period :  9AM-4PM,  July 19(Mon) ~ 23(Fri), 2021

B. Tuition for the new students (amount subject to change)

   - Department of U-PEACE : Admission Fee 1,032,000 KRW , Tuition Fee 7,844,000 KRW

   - All the other Departments : Admission Fee 1,070,000 KRW, Tuition Fee 4,977,000 KRW

   ※ Please pay remaining admission fee (deposit of 540,000 KRW excluded) and tuition fee during the payment period.

C. Place of payment : All Woori Bank branches to your individual virtual account (internet banking also available)

※ Please note that acceptance to program could be canceled if you fail to pay the tuition in time.

※ New students with tuition waiver should also pay the remaining admission fee .

The result of new students' scholarship based on admission score will later be announced in October.


D. Please contact GSIAS office for more information. (Tel : 02)2173 - 2448, 2449)

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