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작성일 : 15.07.14 | 조회수 : 2370

제목 : 강의실안내 Class Room Allocation 글쓴이 : ISS
첨부파일 첨부파일: 첨부파일이 없습니다.

국제 여름학기 강의실 배정을 아래와 같이 안내드립니다.

Please find Class Room Allocation below.

* ITLD = Institute of Teaching & Learning Development(교수학습개발원).

   All classes will be held on the 2nd floor.

   Please enter the building through the side entrance (left side). The 2015 ISS office is ITLD 2201.

   Ex) ITLD 2201=2nd floor, Room 201


1st Period: 9:00am-10:40am
CODE  Title  ROOM #
IS301   Korean Economy ITLD202
IS422   Human Rights in North Korea ITLD208
IS412   Peace and Conflict in North East Asia: China, Korea, and Japan ITLD207
IS309  Current Topics in Marketing: Developing Social Media Marketing Strategies ITLD203
IS310   Global Strategies and Challenges for Korean Multinational Enterprises ITLD204
IS106  Humanities and Social Sciences: Korean Drama of the Diaspora ITLD205
2nd Period: 10:50am-12:30pm
CODE  Title  ROOM #
IS202   Korean Cinema ITLD210
IS423   North Korean Development & Security Issues  ITLD208
IS415  Korean Food : Understanding Korean Food in the Era of Globalization ITLD205
IS424   Korean Politics and Foreign Policy ITLD207
IS417   Democratization in Korea and Asia ITLD202
IS426   Cultural Globalization and Inequality in Korea and Asia ITLD204
IS214   Introduction to Korean Wave ITLD209
IS307  Consumer Behavior in Asia: Unique Issues and Marketing Practices ITLD203
3rd Period: 1:30pm-3:10pm
CODE  Title  ROOM #
IS502  Media, Globalization, and the East Asian Rigion ITLD203
IS427   Gender, Work, and Family in South Korea ITLD205
IS207  Korean Wave: Contemporary Korean Popular Culture ITLD209
IS311  The Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility and its Impact in South Korea ITLD204
IS203  Korean Music & Performing Arts   ITLD210
4th Period: 3:20pm-4:50pm
CODE  Title  ROOM #
IS801   Academic English: Reading & Writing   ITLD202
IS803   Presenting in English for TV and Radio  ITLD209
IS901   Beginning Korean  ITLD203
IS902   Intermediate Korean I ITLD205
IS903   Advanced Korean  ITLD204
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