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제목 : Update of Course Syllabi for ISS 2015 글쓴이 : ISS
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Dear students,


Course description and course time table for ISS 2015 has been updated. (go to : Program-Courses)

As there are some changes in the course list, you should have a careful look at the courses stated below.


New Courses

 1. Humanities and Social Sciences : Korean Drama of Diaspora

 2. Global Strategies and Challenges for Korean Multinational Enterprises

 3. Cultural Globalization and Inequality in Korea and Asia

 4. Introduction to Korean Wave

 5. Gender, Work and Family in South Korea

 6. Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility and its Impact in South Korea


Cancelled Courses

Please note that following courses are cancelled :

If you have selected these courses, you may freely modify your course selection by logging in to the system.


1. Cross Cultural Communication

2. East Asian Thought in Contemporary Culture

3. The Korean War

4. Law and Administration in Korea and Japan


If you have any inquiry about courses, please send us an email at

Thank you very much.



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